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  1. We are looking for remixers for a lyrical album. We will animate 3-4 of the songs and upload them on a large youtube channel which I am not allowed to name at this time that is averaging 250,000 views per video. Which game, franchise, etc? That’s still up for debate as we hope to collaborate with the musicians. We are thinking Smash Brothers though. We have a budget of $4,000 for the entire project (including animation). This will be disbursed among the talent but a large chunk of this will need to go toward animation. We’d like a variety of different styles and genres. We would like to see samples of your work that includes lyrics within it. My name is Rick from www.smashbits.net. I am an animation producer. You can contact me on skype at kedricjones. -Rick
  2. Did you ever animate that ff1 music video?

  3. Jaroban

    Hello, my name is Kedric Jones with PikaParody Studios. We are in the process of making an ongoing animated PoKeMoN series for Machinima.com. Would you permit us to use the remix "My Greatest Rival?" We would like to use the last 30 seconds of the song for our closing credits on every video. We will give you credit at the end of the video with the name of the song, your name (please give me the name you want to go by), and and a website (if you provide one). Is this okay?

    Also, if we choose to sell DVDs in the far future of the entire show (of if the show plays on live TV) . . . would you be okay with us using the entire song for the full credits? We would certainly give you credit.

    Please email me at pikaparody@gmail.com




  4. It won't be completely ready for another three weeks. Who do I need to contact to see if OCR will embed the video? The style we are using is pretty similar to Rawest Forest. I can't wait till it is completely done. I will try . . . real hard . . . not to upload it until the album comes out.
  5. Brandon, The reason I say I have been waiting so long for this project is because Josh and I have came to an agreement about his song. I have been waiting a year to animate FF1 Town theme by Josh. He told me that he thinks you would prefer me to wait for the release of the album. I did not realize it would take so long. When can I publish this music video? Perhaps we could use this music video as a way to promote the album?
  6. I have been waiting FOREVER for this album. How much longer till it is released?
  7. I am still looking for a musician to create free music videos for. If finding a vocalist is a problem for some, I know a very good male vocalist and an even better female vocalist who would love to help out. I am friends with person who owns a studio so recording vocals would not be a problem.
  8. I’m looking for a musician to go into a partnership with. My name is Kedric. I make video game cartoon parodies. My youtube channel is youtube.com/pikaparody. My style of animation is mostly like South Park. It is paper cut out style. I am also capable of other styles like sprite animation. I would like to make funny, remixed, video game, music videos like Rawest Forest or Ignorance is Bliss (which both have millions of hits on multiple websites). I am looking for a musician to make the music for these videos. Here is what you would get out of this partnership. You make the music and I will make the cartoons for FREE. After finishing it and getting your final approval, I will upload it to my youtube channel, the Machinima network, or another network giving you FREE EXPLOSURE. I will list your name and any website addresses in the video. I can also provide a link in the video description. You may distribute the music video offline. Here is what I would get. I get exclusivity of the online distribution of the music video. I can also distribute the music video offline. My vision for the project is that the musician becomes an internet sensation. This musician would someday offer a full album of their very own filled with catchy comical video game music. Three or more of the songs on that album would be animated on Youtube and they would provide instructions for how people can purchase the album. The musician gains exposure (and possibly sells CD) while my YouTube channel gains a fan base (and possibly some extra income from marketing). I hope to someday make an income from all my cartoons on youtube. Here is how to apply for this partnership. Email me at pikaparody@gmail.com with the following: -At least two catchy MP3 tracks with clear, quality vocals (attached or link). -Confirmation that you agree with the terms. -A paragraph or more on why you want to work with PikaParody. -A working email address. -Your website if you have one. -List of music styles you shine in. Important Links: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/382576 (Rawest Forest) http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/315325 (Ignorance is Bliss) http://youtube.com/pikaparody (My channel)