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    Hey there.
    I'm a pretty laid back guy who's always up for a chat about anything musical or non-musical.
    My favourite game series is probably Resident Evil, and my favourite soundtrack is Final Fantasy 8.
    UK, Midlands sound engineer with a love for all musical genres.
    I LOVE synthesis!
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    Sound Engineer
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    Pro Tools
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    Synthesis & Sound Design
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    Electric Bass
    Electric Guitar: Rhythm
    Vocals: Male
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    Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

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  1. Froggy, that's pretty soft, man. Arguing with nerds about your appearance? C'mon man, you hold the whole damned world in your palm.

    Real shit, people on here don't need a reason to be motherfuckers. They don't need a reason to talk shit, and you don't have to have done anything. Fuckin' around: that's what dicks do.

    Personally, I try to keep my shit brown because it's been since 2009 when I've chucked a buck or two and bought a T-shirt and bumper stickers as a way to say "thanks DJP, you're the shit for inventing this site!" I shall contribute again one day.

    Even if a person donated a grand, still, it would not be right to be an asshole. Exceptionally, if so, that requires a hell of a logical reason.

    Like Dr. Dre said, bitches ain't shit.