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  1. Thanks for the comment,

    I wasn't really offended, just confused as to why it matters enough to other people.

    Then again, this is the internet.

    Take care of yourself

  2. Froggy, that's pretty soft, man. Arguing with nerds about your appearance? C'mon man, you hold the whole damned world in your palm.

    Real shit, people on here don't need a reason to be motherfuckers. They don't need a reason to talk shit, and you don't have to have done anything. Fuckin' around: that's what dicks do.

    Personally, I try to keep my shit brown because it's been since 2009 when I've chucked a buck or two and bought a T-shirt and bumper stickers as a way to say "thanks DJP, you're the shit for inventing this site!" I shall contribute again one day.

    Even if a person donated a grand, still, it would not be right to be an asshole. Exceptionally, if so, that requires a hell of a logical reason.

    Like Dr. Dre said, bitches ain't shit.

  3. I really liked FFX-2 actually. But I can see how people could hate it.. It's really different, especially the whole arcade feel, trying to get 100% completion in each area. Worst sequal... hmmm... Does Welltris count?
  4. This is really good. What did you use for the violin? If it's a real violin, what did you record it with? (Microphones)
  5. Yeah.. I've never been able to get my ears around that. Amazing what some of them can do in standard tuning though. At least some of it gave doom a few neat songs
  6. Haha, that's some serious double bass. I would love to try remixing a platform game... Sounds hard...
  7. Last game I got 100% on was Just Cause 2... every building destroyed, every car, every pickup... It took way too much time, so I'm put off doing it again...
  8. Wonder if this one will make it to the EU PSN... We only have about 30 PSOne classics, last time I checked... The loading time might not be as bad in the PSN version, at least Grandia is ALOT faster than the disc when you download it from the store.
  9. Country music has cool uses of scales though. Even though they seem to limit which ones they use in the genre. IMO, hiphop has some of the best lyrics I've ever seen. Depends on who you are though.. Tastes will conflict.
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm working on another Resident Evil remix at the moment. And thanks Mokram for the most constructive feedback I've ever seen.
  11. Yeah, to be honest I'm not sure why I did that... The piano is an actual piano that I sampled myself. Thanks for the feedback
  12. DOOM II - Just because its megawads have bought me so much entertainment Just Cause 2 - The only game I've ever gotten all of the achievements on Silent Hill 2 - Pyramid Head... Come on... Sonic Adventure 2 - The best sonic game to date imo Grandia 2 - So many improvements... Fatal Frame 2 - Black and white + Ghosts = Scary I couldn't choose a single game.. :/
  13. There are quite a few Japanese ambient soundtracks that sound like this.. I can't name any of the top of my head though. I'm sure there are quite alot in "Tales of.." games. Good choice of song by the way
  14. My first remix. I'm sure it's not nearly as good as most of yours, so please don't hold back on feedback. Remix: http://tindeck.com/listen/rgih Source: Starts off pretty slowly because I wanted to build up calmly into the more varying melodies near the middle/end of the song. Pretty short like the source.
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