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  1. so i was thinking about having a little mini radio station between me and a few of my friends so we can listen to a bunch of music we all mix together. are there any programs out there that will let me broadcast over the internet or do i have to go full on and pay a site or something to do it??

  2. hmm. what song from ff8 is bein mixed here? i cant place my ear on it.

    its sounds nice to me with da breakbeats(makes me wanna 'gasm everywhere). but i must agree, a lil bit more ambience. and at 0'58", if those snares were held a lil bit longer, that part would be made perfectly. they just were cut off way too soon. actually, all around the song, lengthen snares until the completely fade cuz it sounds like you just.....decapited(sp) them. other than that. 8/10 here.

    EDIT: just caught on to what song this was. is this attack on dollet? if it is, i was just about to make a post on sumone doing a remix of that. :lol:

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