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  1. so i was thinking about having a little mini radio station between me and a few of my friends so we can listen to a bunch of music we all mix together. are there any programs out there that will let me broadcast over the internet or do i have to go full on and pay a site or something to do it??
  2. WTG BEATDROP!!!! they better step out that song right or imma raise heck. =D
  3. .........damn....*begins knittings sweaters for 6 months* this is so goin to bring home the bacon
  4. Sonic 2 remix project was the damn jump off. i cant wait for this one to come out.
  5. ill seed as soon as i get home. as long it doesnt slow me down with this late project i have due. ....like im gunna do it anyway
  6. that might help a lil bit. Note:Seeding but not for long. im gettin sumthin else off BT and on emule so yeah. massive bandwidth slow down
  7. ill seed when i get home which should be about.......30 minutes? and when i seed, i got a nice fast seedin speed. around 30k/b or so. so if ya want this nice collection, be around! PM me, or AIM me, my AIM stays on. EDIT: seeding after i rape 4chan of their pictures.
  8. analog is good. im a big fan of anything thats got a kick ass synth in it. IS THERE AN XG SOUNDFONT OUT THERE I CAN USE?!!
  9. genghis, try using Fluid 3 soundfont from hammersound. its under collections.
  10. is there any soundfont out there that has XG on it? cuz im tryin to remake this midi file that came with my old sound card and its all XG. please tell me if ya find one.
  11. Heh. when i BT'ed this the first time, i was screamin. i was doin about Uploads between 30-80 then again, it was late at night
  12. thanks gray. w00p. now i can make this song ive been dyin to make
  13. ok im at hammersound. now, where the heck is fluid 3???
  14. ok this is what i need. either sample or soundfont. Grand Piano Brite Piano Honky Tonk Piano SynthBass1 SynthBass1Dark Ice Rain(synth FX) can be found using a keyboard. but the synthbass1dark i tihnk needs XG. hook me up. plzkthx!
  15. ok. im tryin to record offa fruity loops rite, i got more than one pattern. how do i make FL go from pattern 1 to pattern 2???????
  16. w00t. im gunna use a word that i rarely use, this mix is "pretty". :shoot me: but seriously, this is killer. i got my whole entire house to like this. it just sounds great.
  17. this mix here is now on my ownage. these breakbeats are just kick ass. but its too short. should have maintained the 0'58" for the rest of the song and lenghten the snares. i really love that part
  18. hmm. what song from ff8 is bein mixed here? i cant place my ear on it. its sounds nice to me with da breakbeats(makes me wanna 'gasm everywhere). but i must agree, a lil bit more ambience. and at 0'58", if those snares were held a lil bit longer, that part would be made perfectly. they just were cut off way too soon. actually, all around the song, lengthen snares until the completely fade cuz it sounds like you just.....decapited(sp) them. other than that. 8/10 here. EDIT: just caught on to what song this was. is this attack on dollet? if it is, i was just about to make a post on sumone doing a remix of that.
  19. xpecting metro in this. but damn, hydrocity came in. just wow. Sonic 2 vs Sonic 3. thats a good one
  20. yea. get the incesnse. this song is pretty mellow out. i like it cuz it sounds like u are "finding your happy place". great music for a night with you and your girlfriend/ boyfriend. 10/10.
  21. the D-man finally submits this. i was waiting to see how long he would do it. the flute part gets me real good. everything fits in great. nice work!
  22. gawd. i am havin orgasms from this. it is just great. i mean, everything is just great. this makes a good song for a party/rave,.
  23. darn good job on that Darke. ifi i ain know any better, THIS THEME IS PANIC PUPPET FROM SONIC 3D BLSAT(sega version). but, i have yet to play sonic adventure. I like this tho. its addictive.
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