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  1. https://soundcloud.com/shawnhughes91/twice-daily So i did this beat thingy tonight few hours cause for 1.) I couldn’t get inspired to finish my progressive song interest rates and 2.) I was playing with these chords (in the recording) for like and hour straight. It’s real quick, but very easy listening. <3 Enjoy you guy’s Friday night.
  2. https://soundcloud.com/shawnhughes91/solstice-lines Solstice Lines As of late, since I spend most of my time writing metal or just practicing guitar, I rarely find the time to do tracks like this anymore. Which may change now. I love metal to death, but I honestly love doing songs like this more than anything. It’s relaxing, feels fresh, fun to make, and everything just seems to come together so smooth. Anyways. I started this tune last night around 3 something and put some finishing touches on it this afternoon after I woke up. It’s nothing serious, but I like how it turned out. <3
  3. https://soundcloud.com/shawnhughes91/ff8-fishermans-horizon-rock I posted this awhile ago. I had just listened and the mix was pretty harsh. Some of the playing could have been a bit better as well.. So I did it over. I'm sure the mix is a bit better but you guys could probably point me in the right direction. Thanks dudes.
  4. https://soundcloud.com/shawnhughes91/winter-storm Winter Storm A golden oldie. Almost 2 years ago I think. I really miss this writing style of mine. It was kind of just screw it I’ll just do whatever I want kinda deal. haha . I still think it’s raw
  5. https://soundcloud.com/shawnhughes91/zelda-outset-island-metal I posted this some time ago. Heard it for the first time in awhile and thought it was interesting all over again. I wanted some more ears on it. Let me know what you guys think. Download if you like . Thanks guys.
  6. https://soundcloud.com/shawnhughes91/cor-caroli okay guys. Check this out. I don’t really write in this style too much. I was just trying to make a joke song with my 7 string, since I just started back using it, but I actually really like the way this clip turned out. It’s nothing serious. . Maybe a good intro or something if I ever start performing these. <3
  7. http://soundcloud.com/shawnhughes91/ffx-battle-theme-metal So I did this here metal interpretation of Final Fantasy 10’s battle theme. I think it sounds pretty cool. Could definitely be mixed better. And I think the drums sound gay.. I’ll probably update a better mix in a few weeks or something..But I was honestly tired of working on it. I don’t know how I have a girlfriend doing shit like this. Seriously.. Anyway. Enjoy dudes. <3 <3
  8. http://soundcloud.com/2point0sounds/ff8-fear Worked on this a few days over the weekend .. Didn't have too much homework and I noticed I haven't done a cover in a while so, I squeezed this one out... Not sure if I like the mix or not yet but, you guys will get the idea. enjoy dudes
  9. http://soundcloud.com/2point0sounds/the-advance Pretty cool idea I’ve been working on non-stop for the past two days. I’ve been playing a lot of ERRA, Born of Osiris, and Periphery lately, so that’s where this is kind of inspired from. Strings and drop A# guitar. I really like this idea. Will probably add to it in the near future. Also, I want a vocalist.
  10. http://soundcloud.com/2point0sounds/nina More simple material. Started on it a few nights ago. Probably not going to do much with it, so I'm uploading as is. Naming it after my pal's dog because I love her so much.
  11. http://soundcloud.com/2point0sounds/return-to-sender The whole arrangement is based off of some riffs I was messing around with a few nights ago. Imo, it's one of the heaviest, but also interesting ideas I've written in some months. No electronics what soever. It's pretty bare bones but I like it. Strictly guitars, bass, and heavy drums. Very fun song to play. Hope you dudes enjoy.
  12. I can definitely try to get some kind of arrangement out of that.
  13. http://soundcloud.com/2point0sounds/stranded-but-surviving Going through some of my old material today. And this instrumental really stood out of the pack to me. I don't really know what genre to classify it as. I guess rock? It's kind of chill though... I dunno. But it deserves more listens .
  14. http://soundcloud.com/2point0sounds/leaving-home-i Idea I wrote a long while ago. Piano, bass, some guitar chords here and there. ambient drums. I think it's pretty cool. Wanted some more ears on this one.
  15. http://soundcloud.com/2point0sounds/behind-the-mask Cool idea I wrote some time ago. Just thought it could use some more ears and I'm always open for feedback.
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