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  1. Thank you very much Prophecy for publishing the lyrics! I appreciate it very much. TPC sounded kind of italian to me, but obviously it wasn't. Both TPC and New Expresso I noticed stopped very suddenly, even too suddenly to be intentional. I think they are well done in their own right though, even if unfinished. Well, it's a bit embarrassing and I knew myself that I misheard the lyrics. So here they are:Back to the place: ? place I once knew no regret - tea for two my heart is destroyed when you're close ? death even most I, Cavedweller: Chorus: Herre hold my hand Herre Gud Här nära translation: Lord hold my hand Lord God Here close I'm glad now that I know the real lyrics so I don't have to hear this anymore. Also, it's great to know that Back to the place is actually a remix of a SNES tune and especially Super Metroid! It adds value to the song. Now I'm a bit confused, because I have two versions of the song, one that seem unfinished compared to the other one with both beginning and end. The file name of the longer version is "Back To The Place I Once Knew - Prophecy, Prophetess" and it's an mp3, as opposed to the others that are ogg vorbis. Haven't you made all of them?Also, I think the music is very fitting to the game, especially with the titles "I, Cavedweller" and "Back to the place I once knew". And also I interpreted the lyrics "I'll be there for you" as a theme of vengeance, the dark angel waiting "to be there" for the arch angel and kill him. I realize of course that any influence must go from you to Banov however. I'd really like to get more of you music, so it's too bad your homepage isn't up any more. I liked your Cave Story remix as well, so there's a high chance I'd like your other music too. Were can I get it?
  2. Thanks eilios and Emunator for replies! Yes, it was DeceasedCrab's LPs that I watched. His LPs are really wonderful. I've learned about Cave Story, Iji, Chzo Mythos and other games through them. They've given me so much new favorite music and games that I'm very thankful! One of the reasons I want to know the lyrics is that they sound like Swedish (where I'm from) words and phrases that annoy me, so I want to get rid of that and hear the real lyrics. Also, the song titles and maybe some of the lyrics seems to be so close to the game's theme that I'd like to know the extent of it. I guess though that the music was made several years before the game.
  3. I recently saw a Let's Play of the game "Escape from the underworld" featuring music by Prophecy who's also contributed to the Cave Story Remix Project. I was blown away by this epic music and have played it repeatedly ever since. There's one problem though, I'd like to know the lyrics to these songs, especially my favorite "Back to the place I once knew", but also the other ones ("I, Cavedweller", "New Expresso" and "TPC"). I appreciate any help with this. I have some idea of what the unclear lyrics are, but I want to know the real ones.
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