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  1. It was supposed to add on to the overall feel of suspense and darkness, not just 32bit graphics. Imagine walking into a room, seeing a broken chozo statue with super creepy music popping up, that would be the awesome. But right now, FSMR can't even get a grip on the engine.
  2. I programmED it. I don't program it. I like this project, but I quit because my skill levels kept on changing and when I found myself hating my own engine, it was too far in production to just start from scratch. I said "Fuck it" and quit. And well i thought it was too much for 1 programmer to handle an entire project. I didn't "ABANDON" anything. @neblix And why must I care for what you have to say? @Phalanx Way to help out here
  3. If it turns out SO GREAT, then FUCK OFF, and quit whining and screaming about this project dieing out. I like super metroid, dumbass, that's EXACTLY why I took on the job of programming the remake? DUUUH? Yeah, and you're helping a lot here. Is every other person who signs up here a troll to you? I guarantee you, I'm not a troll, but when assholes bitch about a game I worked my balls off to even START, that's when I get mad. So what if it is, mr. maturity? Are you going to cry and whine about it like all the others? Piss off, and give some people a chance.
  4. Go on, tell me off. Tell me to grow up, with that period at the end to emphasize it. My point is, you're the ones who are telling this project to go die and saying that it won't get anywhere. I programmed it, and what? Did you not expect me to stand up and fight back? You can't judge before you see it, and what pisses me off is that people are already screaming "I'd rather have this project dead" before it even barely started out. Either you people really hate SM, or you don't like having to experience a great game in new ways.
  5. Why you hating? Jealous because you can never even dream of accomplishing such a feat? You don't get it. You're decribing a revamp. "Ddduuuuh AM2R is cool cuz its ported from... duuh... gameboy to gba... uh.. with... better sound!... yeah..... But FSMR isnt cool cuz its... From SNES and... instead of better sound... duhh... ohh.... better physics, graphics, music, and more bosses. FSMR must DIE!" You, sir, make no sense. If AM2R is great for having to remake a GB game while giving it better sound and graphics, then why, WHY, in the holy mother of ass, is FSMR bad for doing the same thing to
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