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  1. We'll put that on the comment of your mp3 on the album download.
  2. We made our funding goal today which means the album is a go! Anyone from this site who'd like a finished copy will be given one too just for your great moral support. Thanks again!
  3. Ok guys, we had three awesome entries. Pixel Waves "Robot to Mecha" awesome trance remix. We love how you added some of your own melodies and the piano work in the midlde is great. JakeSnake's "So far Away" - very mellow mix. Very mellow groove on this one, it would be perfect game-ending music! Really love that swelling bass. Fredrickds' very slick mix. Love that funky organ in there and the smooth bass. The votes weren't unanimous, but the winner by majority was... Jake Snake's "So far away" mix. It was hard to pick just one, so all three will be included on the album and they are all awesome, we've been jamming out to them all week! Our campaign has almost reached success on kickstarter (81%), theres some cool stuff you can get in on like getting a custom avatar for multiplayer and even designing a multiplayer level - stuff only available to pledgers. Check it out today if you're into that! Thanks to everyone for being so supportive of our contest and our project! Jake, we'll be contacting you next week to get you the reward
  4. Thanks for the awesome entries guys! We're really impressed. We'll be picking a winner by weeks end. We're lovin every entry so far though!
  5. We really appreciate all the positive feedback we've been getting from those interested in the competition. I'm getting a few of the same questions from different people, which tells me I didnt explain things well. So heres a few answers: What kind of game is it? The game is a cartooney sci-fi game that has a lot of strategy elements and also some action. It has some similarities in gameplay mechanics to games like X-Com, RoboSport, and the board game Robo Rally. It has one-player puzzle oriented play and multiplayer support as well. You can see videos that show the gameplay and some walkthrough on our kickstarter page. Those who donate can even help design levels for the multiplayer mode! Will the selected remixes go in the game? That is undecided at this time... The original plan was to release the remixes with some in-game tracks as a mini digital album to those who donated, and probably eventually to anyone interested in downloading it. It will mutually promote the game and the artists who supply a remix since we'll put your name and any other info in the mp3 tags. As for music getting in the game, thats not the original plan but we'll see if any of it is usable and fits the mood of the game. We may use it (with artists permission) in promotional videos or possible the free version which will be coming out around the same time as the full app. These are all tentative plans at this point. We'd prefer you just have fun with the remix and make whatever style you like! What style of music should it be? Any style you want is fine! The in-game music is rather subdued since it has planning phases followed by more action-filled sections. We'd like to see what you do with the main melodies and make whatever sounds good to you. Do I Get Credit? We're going to put the names of everyone who submits in the credits. We can put your name or an alias if you want. You'll retain any rights to the music since we wont be selling or making any money off the music (just shameless promotion). This means you can put your music anywhere you want, give it to anyone you want. We're not going to get all 'legal' on you. How Do I Submit It? You can send the final copy to my email at The winner will be selected by the Bravado Waffle team and paid thru Paypal.
  6. You can just put Bravado Waffle Studios. Drop me an email at when you're ready to submit!
  7. Yeah feel free to take your time. There is no big rush! Glad you're having fun with it!
  8. At the moment, my plan is to have the remixes as a sound track only, but if they fit the mood of the game it's possible I may include it. it might be used in a promo video too since I'm guessing you guys can blow away my originals!

  9. Hey!

    Just a quick question about the Robo Arena Remix. Will the original track also be in the game, or will the winning remix (if you're happy with it) replace the original song?


  10. Thanks! I can't wait to hear what you come up with!
  11. midi tracks: wav tracks: You can get the downloads without the 4shared advertisements slowing you down here.
  12. Thanks. Im sure spammers make their visits from time to time and no one likes that. I figured some might see me like that. Thanks for your support though! I really love this site and I'm glad not everyone feels like that!
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm a new member here but a LONG TIME fan. I have an iPod full of megaman remixes from this site that are what keep me awake at work most days. I am a programmer by day but also working on a small indie retro-styled game for iPad/iPhone (and eventually for android and other platforms if we get off the ground). I have done the music for our first project using nothing but iPhone music tools as a bit of an experiment and also a cross-promotional thing. As part of our Kickstarter campaign, we're going to offer a sound track of the games in-game music. Since its sort of a space/strategy game, the music is very atmospheric and light and we decided maybe we could include some remixes. I'd like to humbly ask you much-more-talented-than-me oc remixers to take part in a remix contest of one of the game's tunes for the soundtrack. We're on a tight budget, but we are going to offer a $50 first prize, and will include as many 'runner up' remixes on the soundtrack as possible. The deadline will be June 1st 2011. If anything, we can offer artists some exposure through the soundtrack. The link below has a zip that contains each audio track, an mp3 of the original track, and a MIDI with all the parts: WAVS and MP3 Download (80mb) MIDI Only The original is also available streaming here if you dont feel like downloading the entire file: Ra1 Streaming Here is a link to our kickstarter campaign where you can hear another version of the main theme in the video and find out about our project: Robo Arena Kickstarter Campaign I hope people will do this project just for fun! I'm not trying to capitalize of you guys, I have tons of respect for this site, but I thought it could be something fun and original! Plus I thought our project might appeal to retro-gamers. If you have any quesstions, send me a private message. Thanks.