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  1. Hi Guys, I've made an Club Track for Mass Effect 3 Omega's Afterlife (rumors) "Take Omega Back DLC" Maybe you like it =D Here you Go:
  2. yeah 2012 in da club ;D hope you like it:
  3. Hi guys, I've made an Final Fantasy 13-2 fanmade ost ^-^ maybe you like it. It's a part where the FF Crew maybe find the rare Esper (Bestia) or something sry for bad english (I'm from Germany..) There you go:
  4. Thank you ^^ Yeah of course, I uploaded it on my Server: - final fantasy 13-2 battle theme.mp3 greets Sunyo
  5. Hi there, I made my own Battle Theme of FF13-2, it could be every FF Battle Theme ^^"" maybe you like it: greets Sunyo