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  1. Hey dudes, remember when OCR released a TMNT album? That was pretty swell. Remember how it came in high-quality FLAC and not-as-high-quality-but-still-pretty-awesome MP3s? That was cool. Remember how the quality of encoding didn't really matter because the songs were so good that they blew your face off and melted your brains regardless? Yeah, me too.

    Sorry, it was not my intention to make this all about the file quality, it was merely a suggestion and a question to the ones responsible for the sound :-) I am grateful for the originality and depth that has gone into the album.

    "So I say

    Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing

    Thanks for all the joy they're bringing

    Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty

    What would life be?

    Without a song or a dance what are we?

    So I say thank you for the music

    For giving it to me"

  2. That is fine :)

    I will always convert the FLACs to 320kbps regardlessly, so if anyone is interested, I could make a dropbox account or something like that dedicated to OCR music in 320kbps :) Less hassle for those who are interested in that.

    OT: "Artefacts" is not a grammatical error, but UK as opposed to "artifacts", which is US.


    Here we go: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6BKIJ8B-gdlckRaVlVCSTRtZDA&usp=sharing

    TMNT - Shellshocked in my new Google Drive which shall only contain downloads for this community :)

  3. 320kpbs really makes sense, especially on portable players. I do not want to waste space on theoretically superior files (FLAC) that the human ear cannot distinguish from 320kbps mp3. If the files are ripped with a high quality encoding process, they can sound as good as anything at a lower bitrate than 320 kbps. However, the mp3 files from OCR have often been of low quality. I have listened to various OCR album mp3 files and then my 320kbps files ripped from the FLAC files and seldom find an album where the quality is good enough already for all files (I am not talking about the bitrate alone, but the sound quality in general).

    What I am trying to do is convince OCR to be more concerned with the sound quality because music is best enjoyed when artefacts and low bitrates do not interfere with the listening experience.

    FLAC is a format that makes sense if you are storing it, so that you can convert it to whatever format you feel like at a later time. This is because upon converting an already converted file, you are losing quality.

    If one can truly hear the difference between 320kbps mp3 and FLAC, why do people keep failing in blind tests? ;)

  4. Excellent on all levels but one:

    mp3 file quality. I am amazed by OCR's constant failure to deliver 320kbps mp3 files with their releases. You already have FLAC files, so why not have 320kbps ripped from them?

    /scratch head

    Anyway... Cowabunga and radical thanks and pizzas to all contributors!


    320 kbps mp3 files (feel free to scan etc. if you do not trust me):


    - if there are any problems with the files, feel free to nudge me :)

  5. Lovely remix, but what kills it is the file quality: MP3 160kbps... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! What the shell are the OCR staff thinking with all the low bitrate MP3 files? This is the case with album releases too: the MP3 albums are low quality, so I have to manually make MP3 320kbps files from the FLAC and WAV albums... Even the newest album follows this sad trend :(


    /kick high quality mp3 files down into the endless pit

  6. Yeah, that was one cool remix! I really think Star Base - To Where No Turtle Has Gone Before deserves a hard rock or metal cover. It screams for it!

    And yes, it is definitely one of the best game soundtracks ever! I've got it on my portable music player :3 There is no way to get it legally, so for once I was a pirate. I always pay for products, but if they simply can't be bought, I see no harm in me downloading.

  7. @Ramaniscence


    Looking stellar with those [Gold-flecked Gloves]! xD

    Maybe the intellect will make him smarter in the long run?

    BTW - about this group/ randoms thing:

    there is no proof that either side behaves in a certain way, nor that any side has a higher percentage of kids.

    Just drop that discussion already, as there's no point in discussing anything without real, solid evidence.

    If you don't like certain types of players, avoid them as best as you can and join a guild which meets your criteria.

    I sided with the Horde because I like blood elves and their lore and looks. I also joined a mature guild which met my criteria :)

    But as soon they introduced worgen, I had to make some Alliance characters too :3 RAWR!

    My Horde characters are male blood elves exclusively - one for each class and a bank character.

    My Alliance characters are three worgen males and one human, male paladin.

    I joined the Alliance first because some of my RL friends were all Alliance. When the Burning Crusade came out, we all made blood elf characters. They later went back to the Alliance (TREACHEROUS BASTARDS!!!!), but I stayed :) Luckily some of my friends also play Horde ^^

    A bit on the side:

    If one chooses to join the Alliance because "they're the good guys", one really needs to read some lore. The human race in WoW is rather disgusting and cruel, the most evil ones, aside from a big part of the undead.

  8. Yay! :D

    Please, don't misunderstand me though.

    You're a very talented artist (I especially like your Nintendo and Blizzard related work), but I personally prefer the original art style of DKC.

    It saddened me that they didn't stay closer to it in the newest game : /

    Knowing that it's flash I therefore understand your art choice. Complex characters are harder to animate :)

    At least you stayed relatively true to their body shape and characteristics. It's when I see stuff like this I get sad:


    Nothing's left of the attitude of Dixie, she looks general and boring. I may be a bit too traditional when it comes to the DKC series, because it's my favourite Nintendo series of all time :)

  9. There are many YouTube mixes of the song, but few are good.

    I find these ones to be the best (just for inspiration):

    Angry Birds on piano


    Angry Birds Timothy Allan Club Remix

    Electro Resistance - Angry Birds (Original Mix)


    Funny Mash-up


    I wish someone could make a trance or electronica remix with more power in the main theme :)

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