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  1. (brushes the cob webs off the forum) Haven't been here in a while, Life sure has a way of taking you for a ride and you lose track of things. First off I'm not going to ask for this project to be revived or anything. After abandoning everything, I don't deserve it; but I do want to apologies. Forrest, you deserve the biggest apology. You have done so much and deserve so much better. I'm sorry I wasn't around.
  2. Glad to hear that your still on the project! I hope the flute part pulls through. It sounds like it would make an amazing addition to the song and if it means waiting for it to happen, I say we wait. I'm sure it will be well worth it. Any who, best of luck with all your other projects!
  3. Good to hear it! I'm glad to see your still thinking of us while doing other projects. Just dont burn yourself out with to big of a workload.
  4. Hey everyone! Been away for far to long. Just stopped in to see how everything is going.
  5. So many apologies for my lack of participation as of late. I find myself in a situation where internet is not at such common access. I plan to change that though. However, you've done an amazing job as usual Forrest! I'm glad to see the original melody got an extension. I not going to lie... the ominous whisper opening sounds so good it could be made into its own remix. (plans for the future maybe?) Anywho, I really dont have much input to give. I seems like everything is coming together very nicely and we are on the right track for this song. Keep up the fantastic work and hopefully see you soon. DC_Desperado
  6. I'm beginning to wonder if it may help if we switch the order of the songs. like starting with Ominous Whispers then into Wills Dream and finish with Longing for the Past. It might offer a different perspective and give us some insight on what we're missing. I personally carry a lot of biased passion for the sound of the piano, so the idea of minimizing it or removing it from the song would be a call I cannot make. Pianos are just beautiful. There are a couple songs I will list below that might be worth a listen; both of which can be found here on OC Remix. I think they can hold some form of inspiration and ideas. Even if we pull nothing from them, there still a good listen. I was also thinking of taking advantage of the fact you will be having a flute expert there. As a random thought while reading your last post that IF we do decide to switch the order that the intro might need some fine tuning. For that I was thinking of truly pulling a blast from the past move and seeing if you friend would be willing to also play Lola's melody or the Lost Incan melody, both were magical songs played on a flute like instrument in the game. Though we would need to bring down the tempo on either melody to fit the feel of ominous whispers. As for Ominous Whispers, at 2:20 I noticed that you went for a little run of the keyboard. Which I thought was a good touch but it ended rather abruptly. This leaves me stuck because I also love how at 2:30 how slow an melancholy it sounds. which is only a ten second gap to which really isn't enough time to make much of a statement. For that, anything you choose will be perfectly fine. I look forward to hearing what you think, and I agree that we can make this song better! DC_Desperado OC Remix: Waltz of Pain: A slow piano melody with a good run example at 2:01 OC Remix: Flood Plains: A fast paced song that almost feels like a constant run. Lola's Melody: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWIZsA85RUA Lost Incan Melody: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGdTM5fkgps&list=PL05437E589E77E753
  7. Forrest, once again you fail to disappoint! This is truly a beautiful arrangement and I'm honored that you have taken this task upon yourself. However, and im not sure if it was the style you were going for, but, after listening thru your most recent update (a couple hundred times ) i couldn't help thinking that this arrangement presents each part of the track as a whole separate pieces. I'm not going to tell you how to do anything, especially since you have done such an incredible job and have blown me away time and time again. I was just thinking that there might be some way of balancing the transitions between segments to show that this is truly one song. I hope you do not take my suggestions as insults. I am truly impressed and pleased beyond words with what you have now and I'm positive without a shadow of a doubt that you will do these songs proper justice, if you haven't already. thank you for all your hard work! DC_Desperado
  8. I'm so so so sorry I haven't been able to get on and reply to whats been going on. First off Forrest, you have already successfully brought me to tear with the melody you have already constructed. That already, to me, is a mission complete. That having been said, if your looking for further input I do have a couple of thoughts. Blessings of Nature would be good to throw in is you want to slow it down even further to add a more meloncoly feel to song. If you want to add a hint of uncertainty the track Ominous Whispers adds an ancient uncertainty to the song. And just as the name suggests the song Deep Sadness would continue down the path of sorrow this song has the potential to paint. If you want a unique twist you could always take the first minute of Bittersweet Victory and use it as an intro to blessings of nature if you want a transition between the calming sorrow and the calming bliss the two songs provide. If you personally feel up to creating a custom arrangement for the rest of the song then I am all for it. I love see such talent giving room to truly grow. I look forward to seeing what is yet to come and I thank you all for the work you have already place in these projects. Truly, DC_Desperado Blessings of Nature: Ominous Whispers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOCZMaiYQzs&list=PL008B05D1E81AF5A5 Deep Sadness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJ5b5UfguSA Bittersweet Victory: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAz8pn5uYps
  9. This is a song ( too which I seen it under both names) that really made the game for me. (what can I say, I'm a sap for sad melodies) I love how this song can make you feel sad, hopeful, and at peace all at once. Though I still find myself satisfied by the original melody, I would very much like to hear this melody given a proper chance to shine and to gather some long overdue respect. Any one up to the challenge? Thank you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVg0c249JhI&list=PL05437E589E77E753
  10. I've been a long time downloader of OCremix music... And I know that the final fantasy series has plenty of remixes on this site as is. However, I greatly enjoyed the music from this PSP expansion to the FFVII series. I'm not asking for remixed versions of songs that have already been done. Ex. "Those who fight further." and "Anxious Hearts" . I'm looking for some of the songs original to the game. Ex. "Underneath the apple tree" and "Price of freedom" Price of Freedom: Under the Apple Tree Above are the addresses to the two songs i've mentioned. If any were remixed I would appreciate those selected two. However the Youtube address has other songs from the game attached to it... I highly recommend giving them a listen and see if there are any other songs you wish to remix. I thank you for your time. DC_Desperado
  11. Nice vid. It helps point out what part of the song was from what game. I'm still impressed everytime I hear it. Congratulations on the song once again.
  12. No worries about the sound effect. This song is still amazing! I'm not to sure about the drum hit at the very end... however you are the artist here not me. I do feel that if you are comfortable and confident in your creation then by all means submit it up and share it with the world. I'm truly honored to have been a very VERY small part of this songs production. You have truly created something great here!
  13. I am very pleased with what I heard. I noticed the piano in there too (thank you). The different melodies blend together pretty smooth and I liked the mega man 2 wily stage 2 at the end of the song. The ending is a little rough like you said... In my opinnion at the end of the song... just for effects and to further tribute the Mighty Final Fight aspect of the song... I personally would add the effect of Cody's energy wave attack at the end and have it echo fade out.... just a thought... but all in all... I REALLY like this song. Keep up the good work.
  14. I am very fond of piano music. =RYO=, that was very well done and I very much enjoyed listening to it. Thank you for posting it up.
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