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  1. Okay, thanks to everybody. I think I know what I'm gonna do next. It'll happen in a while 'cause I have no time now with my studies, but I'll post it on the forum anyway. I see... a guitar ! Wants to join the remix, she says, after the second chorus, to express the melody in her nostalgic way. The other instruments wait, listening for a while, and one by one they begin to join their new friend in a creshendo of glory ! There comes the final chorus with alltogether the fellows, which represent somehow all of us people that share this enthusiasm towards the power of Spring Yard's melody to bring
  2. Glad you like it by the way. Being accepted on OCR ain't a goal for me. I'm using the forum to get some critics from the community, and after that, I shall submit it just in case (why would I keep it for me, if it's accepted it may give it more chance to reach people). If I tried to please the judges, it wouldn't be 100% my feelings I'd put in the song, it wouldn't be worth it, and I guess it would feel as if I hadn't been giving it my soul. Let's encourage artists to do what they want ! Industry promote commercial and standard art. Here, it is our duty to promote full free-art, would it be a
  3. I'm afraid your examples can't help because I don't know those games so... But to stay on the sonic games (for we both surely share a common ground of nostalgia) I'd take the example of TeeLopes remixes that contain no improv at all, and they're the most powerful nostalgic engines I've heard. Even when their quality doesn't match a Walk on Water (housethegrate)which stood perfect for me until the improv part :/ But after all, it's a simple matter of taste, so I'll continue my own way
  4. As long as it stay the them of spring Yard, but covered differently, I can try. I'll think of it. It's hard to be the same and different all together ^^ I just refuse improvs of any kind, how can you have nostalgia when you hear something new ? Nonsense ^^
  5. See man, that's exactly what I seek. Of course lots of people won't think about it, but something has to occur inconsciously when listening to it while remembering the stage. I definitly won't put improvs. Nt that I can't do them, it's just that, as you said, I enhanced the feeling of the original, and my goal is really to create nostalgia. Improvs make me lose my dream when it comes in remixes :/ I may change intro and particularly the conclusion, cause it's true it's kinda agressive the way it stops just like that. In the end, what I think I'm gonna try to do, is finding some other game mus
  6. I did such a thing with my chemical plant remix, there's a moment I put the sound of sonic braking and the music slows and lose the tempo, then accelerate to come back. In a electro/rock remix like my Chemical Trip, it sounds good, but in a jazzy remix it'll just feel weird, and less understandable than the bumper trick ^^ Cool ! I'm not dumb then
  7. If you want to taste the first faster version you can just check it on my youtube videos, that'll give you an idea (even though I strongly beleive you're gonna tell me I should chose a tempo right between my two versions ^^). Of course it feels slow ! Even to me, but you know, I didn't want spring yard to make people dance. I kinda have a phylosophical way of imagining songs. Remember all those red/yellow bumpers in between you could trap yourself ? In the chorus I made two cimbals respond alternatively, so that you get the feeling of bouncing from left to right then left again etc. until at s
  8. Hi to the community ! I already posted a first version of this remix here one year ago. It consisted in a repetition of the same motiv of 40 seconds. I made sure there were no repetition this time, and slowed the tempo down to increase the jazzy feeling. Hope you like it, and tell me please if you think it's worth posting to OCR. Thanks !
  9. This is a project I made in one week. It's a loop that comes back every 46 seconds. I won't have time to finish it soon but surely this year I'll do that. Hope you like it, and don't hesitate to say what you think ^^
  10. Out of sync, you mean like out of tempo ? (Sorry, I'm french)
  11. You are right. it's not really finished, but I don't have enough time to take care of it now. I may never be able to finish it, so it will never be part of OCR, and in the end people should see it as a cover :/ But thank you for this comment.
  12. Here a jazz remix I made from Spring Yard. If you wish to say something about it, here you can. Thanks
  13. Hello everyone, I'm a new remixer, I did this remix in two weeks, and I want some advices, some ideas maybe, tell me what you think about it. Thank you youber
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