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  1. :shock:Envy! I played in a Balinese ensemble, a little four-pitch sledro-tuned set. I really really really really wish I could have played in a pelog-tuned Javanese set, but realize that I was darn lucky to get to experience any gamelan at all. Basically, though the original track doesn't have a "proper" gong cycle I can hear (I'm guessing that had more to due with old school channel limiting than anything else), I would like to incorporate one in my remix. So basically, I need two of those deeper, full-size gongs - one higher than the other, but none of that splashy tam-tam styled business that one usually relates as a "gong" sound. If they weren't like two grand to buy on a good day, I would love just to have one in my home. I love how you -feel- a good gong almost more than you hear it. (If any of that didn't make sense to anyone curious, I'm beyond happy to translate). I'm using some fun substitute sounds for the rest of the set up, though, not necessary traditional gamelan fare. I've got my happy birthday glockenspiel that I begged for, a line played on tuned wine glasses (I've recorded it with both hard and soft rubber mallets, not sure if the latter will make it into the mix but it gives me options!), some rubbed glasses making some drone sounds I like (and in places they might perhaps give me a sub for a gong ring), and I'm thinking about tooting on some beer bottles. It lets me use some of the traditional texture, but gives me something to experiment with too. I could yap about this for hours, but hopefully that gives you a sense of what I'm up to! Thanks for all of the advice! I have a lot of reading up to do on using samples in Pro Tools, so much to learn!!!
  2. Thanks so much for the leads! Also, I apologize. I'm just getting acclimated to this forum, and it looks like I stumbled and broke three rules in writing my first post. I promise I didn't mean to - and I promise to respond to direction if I continue to make mistakes.
  3. ... and gongs specifically. HI! I've been a fan of Overclocked since 2001 or 2002. My favorite remixer is Israfel, though I don't believe he's released anything in a few years. ANYWAY. For Christmas I got the start of my own home studio, and my goal is to make something good enough to give back to a site that dominates many hours on my iPod. I have two works-in-progress: a take on the classic Overworld theme from Zelda, and a reworking of "Ceremony" from Secret of Mana ( ). The latter has really captured my imagination, and reminds me of the two years I was fortunate enough to play in a gamelan.Gongs are the heart of the gamelan. I need a couple of good gong sounds to get a proper cycle going. I found a couple of good samples at, but need more. I'm extremely new to this field, are there any other good haunts that you guys can recommend for finding solid, FREE loops and samples? Legally, of course. The above link is a site that prides itself in free sharing in a community. I'm just wondering if there are more places like that one. I'm so excited to be here! I hope I don't TL:DR you all too hard in the future.