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  1. Hey guys, oh man I haven't been around for a long time, but will start to be active again. Probably gonna do some more remixes and all that. Just brushing up all this collage stuff and yeh. Cool! Here's an original film/orchestration track I wrote and hope you guys enjoy it! Any requests for some remixes, post a request down and I'll see what I can do! Haha. :) http://soundcloud.com/cperezmusic/theme-of-hearts-1
  2. Hey thanks for the feedback. Yeh, in all honestly, this was a collaboration with a mate at uni that we submitted for a folio assessment hehe. I haven't actually written for Metal or any Heavy music ever before so it's not my forte, so yeh, thanks for the feedback on that. The slow section is pretty much my influence in the track musically, even though I played in a majority of the synths for the heavy parts I usually write more ambient and mellow stuff when it comes to this type of music just so ya know haha . Thanks heaps and I'll be doing alot more original stuff cause I'm in holiday mode... I'd love to have a listen to your mixes on the WIP forum and will be doing so now... haha I'm pretty new so I'm not sure how to but I'll figure it out
  3. @Turtle - Hey thanks, yeh I was thinking the same myself at that time, completely forgot about it. I will definitely fix it up in the mix as I work on it these upcoming weeks @Watermino - Haha thanks, mm yeh, I'll have a look at that, hopefully the finished track will be longer and I'll definitely try adding the melodic elements of the original Xion's Theme.
  4. Hey guys just wanted to throw up another original work. Hopefully you guys will like it, have a listen http://soundcloud.com/cperezmusic/lights-go-out Feel free to listen to the other tracks on my page.
  5. Hey guys just posting an original 8-bit style tune that I wrote with a friend. Supposed to be written for battle theme's in old school game music like Final Fantasy 7 and 8, Chrono Trigger, Golden Sun and that. http://soundcloud.com/cperezmusic/kyos-theme Would love to have some feedback, the Genre is a fusion between Electro/Metal/Rock/Jazz Enjoy
  6. Hey guys, I did a small remix of these two songs a month ago and I really liked where it was going hehe Anyway, I recently just got into remixing game music, so this is probably my first game remix ever. Haven't finished it yet cause of getting caught up into production assessments for uni, but the holidays have arrived as of tomorrow and will be doing some serious composing and remixing during them. Sooo, if you guys don't mind, have a listen, enjoy and chuck any feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism you have, as I would greatly appreciate it. Dearly Beloved - Xion Theme Remix: By the way, I'm pretty new to the forums so let's say this is my musical 'introduction' of myself to you guys. Alright, hope you guys enjoy - Christian