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  1. My brother showed me this song. Like no one knows of it yet but its super tight.
  2. Hey guys. Found another sick trance song here >>>>>>> and this one is really really really good. like wow
  3. damn guys a lot of u are posting really great stuff.. but holy moly... check out this one!
  4. hmmmmm yea the Digitally imported thing helps a tonnnnn.. that sounds like an amazing source.. and i may be new to the genre but im not so new that I dont know who tiesto and AVB is lol
  5. cool this is exactly the kind of stuff im talking about. thx man
  6. Yesterday my friend showed me this video on youtube.. I was never into electronica that much but this song has shown me the way... such good adrenalin pounding trance music.. anyone able to recommend me of more songs similar to this? Im rly new to the genre.........
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