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  1. thx Rozovian. I knew about the really mangled frequencies but I never did anything to fix the problem as it is a pretty time consuming progress. Many of the tracks are probably clipping if it wasn't for the main output Compressor/EQ thingy. I'd like to give this song new life so I'll try changing some things you said here.
  2. It's sounding nice. My opinion would be getting rid of that disco hi-hat theme going there with the drums.
  3. Introduction. (If you don't wish to read about me and just want to listen the song skip to the youtube/ mp3 link below) Hello everyone, firstly allow me to introduce myself. I think it is appropriate. I'm called Guillom (comes from the name Guillaume), that name comes from the time I was living in Spain and everyone called me "Guillom" instead of Guillermo (spannish equivalent of Guillaume). Here in Finland, where I'm currently living, people call me Giom, Kimmo. I'm 18 and I'm studying for ICT and electronics technician. I started doing music in the 9th grade (when I was about 16
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