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  1. Let me know what you think! Other Tracks:
  2. Meant SoundCloud actually! Sorry! Yes, runs are tricky to sample... but it's also me getting better with the samples as well. EWQL is prolly in the future at some point.
  3. This is a fun one I did for FFIV, though you prolly already saw it on my SC page. Most of the stuff on my site (savingprincess dot com) is just generic genre stuff, mostly done years ago. I have a couple games I'm doing the music for currently, and once the games get released I'll be able to post it, so most of my effort is currently pushed in that direction.
  4. Thanks man! The kind words mean a lot. I use the Waves IR-1 plugin with the "Todd AO Scoring Stage" preset, and make sure all my instruments go in as dry as possible so that they all get the same reverb applied. Making sure the "distance" of the instruments is important and it's crucial to know how an orchestra works in general, how instruments work, what they are good at, can and can't do, etc. I generally tend to work with instruments sampled at a "room" distance but remove any reverb that the patches themselves have in preference of the Waves plugin. Beyond that, not much as far as the "hall" sound goes, it's mostly the reverb plugin combined with orchestral knowledge. Glad you enjoyed it!
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I'm still saving up for a better WW library... believe me, I'm aware hah. Trying to decide between Berlin WW and EWQL HOW at the moment. I tend to make these things I do close to the source, so your thoughts are appropriate. I have a deep reverence for Uematsu's work, and I wouldn't want to push things too far away with my own embellishments, etc. Your comments are understood though, just not the purpose here. I would never try to get something "accepted by OCR", I'm not that masochistic, and I think with my background/education/etc. that the judges and I have very different opinions on things, though I find their panels and thought processes fascinating and what they approve/reject is endlessly interesting to me; however I feel I'd rather just have fun with what I do and stand on the sidelines as an observer when it comes to the "official" stuff on this site. There's a lot I would like to have the ability to do differently that I'm just a little held back tech-wise at the moment. I want a better Legato patch for my sordino strings... etc. I put a little more "originality" (though not much) in my FFIV piece if you're interested.
  6. I like the drum loop a lot, but I started liking it less the further in I got... did you write the drum loop yourself or pull it from a library. If a library, which one? EDIT: How do you feel about adding some clips/buzzes/bit crushes into the drum pattern? Might help break it up a bit.
  7. I would ALSO love some feedback on this. Again, 100% digital, no live instruments. I also made an accompanying video for funsies. Thanks!
  8. I would love to hear some feedback on this piece I did. This is 100% in box orchestra. Zero live instruments. Thanks in advance!
  9. Where is a good place in the forums to post songs that you're working on to get feedback?