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  1. Sweet, just got paid and ordered two of those. Pretty sure that's everything I need for recording guitar now. Thanks again for the advice Sixto. I can't wait to finally record and add guitar into my music, whooo!!!!
  2. *Edit* Disregard. Got a reply from RME (before they ignored me). Thinking I'll pick this one up, MicTube Duo, along with a separate phantom power unit (so both mics aren't ph-powered, when the switch is on) Thanks anyways. (original post) Hate to ask you guys for help again, as you've already been helpful and I'm a total noob to recording, but I just can't find any solid answers anywhere else. I got the 9632, just got the SM57 and AT2035 in today, along with the xlr breakout cable. I've got my SM57 plugged in through that, but after playing back the recording I can barely hear my guitar at all, and the amp is at a fairly good volume. Do I need to buy preamps? (/op)
  3. Clash on the Rails: http://soundcloud.com/kylewright-1/clash-on-the-rails Did this one thinking of a fight atop a moving train.
  4. Since I'm mainly only going to be recording guitar, the hammerfall sounds perfect. Thanks again for the suggestions guys, I can't wait to finally put some guitar into my music!
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. Holy shit that's fast Sixto. I'm currently buffering at 512 samples with 12ms latency. I can hardly imagine how awesome that sounds! I think I'll go with your suggestion then. However I do plan on recording my half stack through a mic. Do you think that would be a good setup for such?
  6. Hey, what would you guys recommend for someone who just wants to record some guitar and vocals? I was looking at pci cards because of asio2.0 and how fast that would be for my vsts. But I couldn't find any that also have a good port for a microphone, or phantom powered ones at that. Basically I need something that'll hopefully still use my 2.3 ghz quad-core processor speed for the vsts, but also be able to record guitar and vocals without slowing down my computer. I use FL Studio, have 4 gigs of ram and vista 64. I'm currently using the onboard sound with VIA HD Audio and asio4all. Firewire and usb 2.0 are cool too, I just am still clueless as to what I should get, even after researching all this for hours last night. Help?
  7. May seem like I'm necromancing a dead thread, since it's been so long since I've posted but I've finally revised my mix enough to a point where I can be satisfied with it, using your guys' critiques. Here's the link to the new version: http://snd.sc/ra490J I'm such a noob at remixing and arranging (although there was barely any in there), it took me forever to figure out what the hell to do with the damn thing! Anyways, thanks for the feedback guys, keep it coming!
  8. I think a bass guitar would add a lot to this as opposed to the synth bass you've got going on here. That said, I'm really digging this piece so far and can't wait to hear the finished product!
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I thought it was gonna need more variation lol. I'll check all these areas when updating my mix. Thanks again! -Lord Shrubb3ry
  10. Source: Remix:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9861939/Corneria%20Remix%20beta.mp3 Hello OCR, longtime fan, first time posting. This is my first remix/arrangement. I hope it doesn't totally suck! If it does though, let me know and tell me what I might change to make it better. Cheers! -Lord Shrubb3ry Edit: Just noticed I didn't post the thread title properly. It should be "Star Fox - Corneria". Sorry!
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