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  1. Here's our latest cover. We combined the Pirate Theme from Windwaker and Groose's Theme from Skyward Sword as they both have that weird Lydian Dominant thing going on. Hope you guys enjoy! Cheers.
  2. Thanks! I see what you guys mean about it being too much of a cover. It wasn't really intended to be submitted to OCRemix, just thought I'd share it. We're currently rehearsing some stuff to take the band live, but I'm up for doing something for OCRemix in the future. Cheers!
  3. This is our new over of Bob-omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64. Hope you enjoy
  4. Our latest cover. Used Guitar Rig 5 with Cubase 5 and Reason 5. Lot of 5's. Hope you enjoy Kibble
  5. Nice idea. We did experiment a bit with reverb but couldnt really find the right settings. Should probably have spent a bit more time on the production tbh. Next time!
  6. Thanks guys I know what you mean about the piano sound, was the coolest out of all the patches we tried though. Suited the boogie woogie style left hand part too. Couldn't resist!
  7. Cover of Aquatic Ruin Zone on two 3/4 acoustic guitars. Not the best tone but hope you enjoy Kibble
  8. Here's a video of us playing Streets of Rage - Round 2 music. Hope you enjoy MP3 here: http://www.zshare.net/audio/92623808532b0684/ Kibble
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