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  1. Panned things out a bit more and adjusted the mix/reverb
  2. Spread out the panning a bit and lowered the reverb. Is the melody still too low? This was a late night mix session so headphones only, unfortunately.
  3. http://soundcloud.com/thekraken/guile-theme With the SF tunes I like to leave the melody and form more or less true to the source material. I try to leave my mark with the arrangement of the accompaniment and the rhythms. My goal is to allow the remix to stand on it's own but also be something that would work in the context of the game. Two things I'd like to change/rework would be the intro and the melody instrumentation. I have the melody played w/ a small violin section and doubled (though mixed low) with marcato brass. I may thin out the reverb and spread the panning around a little more to make some of the more intricate parts more audible.
  4. http://soundcloud.com/thekraken/ryu-theme I take a bit of a simplified approach to doing arrangements of the SF tunes. I try to leave the basic form and melody true to the source material but stretch out harmonically with the rhythms and accompaniment. I'm not opposed to straying further from the source material but my goal with this is the ability to drop it into the game and have it still work within the context of a fight. While I like the big oppressive () reverb typical of this genre I think a lot of my work in the spicatto strings is getting obscured by the weight of everything else. I'm going to work with the panning and EQ to make a little more space for everything. Thanks
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