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  1. one bump, before i wrap up my research?
  2. Thanks for those songs! This is more for research on the subject than a pure favorites. I am curious about the quantity and quality of such songs in indie games. Im curious also about the different and prevelant genres chosen for such songs. But foremost, I want to find the songs themselves
  3. I'm trying to put together a list of great in-game, opening or closing theme songs with lyrics from indie games. I have bastion, plants vs zombies, to the moon, celestial mechanica, aquaria, and wayforwards mighty games. I imagine there are lots more. Thanks for any help!
  4. Hey there, I love Bemani games: IIDX/PNM fan all the way! I am also a lover of most things that came from the Q-Sound era (Capcom). I am excited about the possibilities of reactive music games, though. I think there is a lot of room to explore there. As for rhythm platforming: this may not be the like Galaxy but, I found this cute flash game that immediately came to mind: **All that said: I am asking the community if they know of any games other than VIB RIBBON, beat hazard, and audiosurf that uses people's mp3s to make music. I've searched's forums for game ideas, didn't come up with much. Maybe you all also know some good websites or forums to lurch around??** Sorry I wasn't clear.
  5. Hi guys! I have talked to a couple great dudes on here: HyperDucks and Anosou. I was wondering if you all could help out with some research. I'm trying to find what I think are called reactive music games: games like Vib Ribbon, Beat Hazard and Audiosurf that use gamers' audio libraries to make stages or other content. Thanks in advance for any help!