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  1. Appreciate the offer, really do. But I believe in getting my own instrument back in the next few weeks. A day may come when the faith of men fails, but it is not this day!

  2. Dam, you haven't forgotten about me yet? Well, should've known that just quietly slithering away was never an option... Remember when I said my accordion was in maintenance about like 5 years ago? Yea... It's still in there. It's a long story. Very long. So haven't been able to find too much inspiration because of that. But never despair, my friend. This is one song I'm not gonna let go.

  3. hehe, don't worry. Did 'em samples you heard a while back sound live?;) Whatever the case, trust me: Production quality won't be an issue. I just want your feedback on the arrangement, which is why the first wip will most likely be a live jam. It's just a personal musician thing, you know... I wanna keep up the traditions, haha...

  4. I, too, am looking forwards to this one. And what I mean by that is I have a great arrangement ready but haven't had time to record it. You'll get something on May 1st, even if it would just be me humming the damn thing.

  5. That I find as true as a true can be. At least I found him to be a freaking powerhouse in the 8-bit era. The first turtles game, 1-shotting basic creeps, and his range was always superb... Oh, the days.

  6. Why donatello? I remember reading some comment of yours about it in some ancient thread, but what did it say...

  7. yo, did you get my second pm? Just making sure it hasn't fallen through the cracks or something. At least I haven't received a response to it yet. Cya!

  8. Isn't that obvious by now that I'm the most famous? Okay, maybe not yet, but just you wait.

    I'm eagerly waiting for your judgement on my butt. In another words, your response to my top secret samples;)

  9. Those samples were supposed to be top secret, and now you go and mention them on my visitor page which averages 3,6k visitors a day? Typical. Naughty brandon, naughty!

  10. Hey, pm'd you the other day about the deadlines and all that. Just wanna make sure that it didn't fall through the cracks, it'd be neat to know how long I got to finish the track.

  11. Good to hear, looking forwards to hearing more stuff from you! Keep up the great work.

  12. Hey what's up with One Ring from Unsung Heroes, I didn't find it on the site or on Youtube, aren't you going to submit a nice little folkpiece like that? :o It's probably my favorite from the album.

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