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  1. Great info, everyone. Thanks for the links too! I'll definitely be putting the theory stuff up soon, so check back in a week or so. I just need to kick myself to get on it. I do remember fixing the mistake of putting "Castlevania II: Simon's Curse" but I didn't catch the other one. Thanks for letting me know! It's fixed now
  2. The list is finished and the page is up and running here: Top 10 NES Soundtracks. Please feel free to leave any comments. I plan to add a lot more information about each soundtrack and the reasons why the music is so good from a composition/theory and development aspect. Thanks, everybody!
  3. Honestly, why!? I didn't do anything! (Flattered though.) If anything, credit the guys who made the list, or the original poster of the '100 best NES tracks' thread!

  4. Hey, I'd like to give you credit on my page for pointing me to that list of the top 100 NES tracks. If you wouldn't mind, please reply with whatever name you'd like me to use and/or I'll take a link to your profile or any other website. Thanks again!

  5. @Proto-Dome, Thanks so much for that link! I'm not a regular forum-goer here, so I didn't know that existed. It's very useful. @AngelCityOutlaw, Wonderful pick, and some great reasoning! I always have loved the Castlevania series. I'd be glad to refer you on my page. Please PM with with the details you'd like me to use (name/alias and link).
  6. Hey, all! I'm working on a web page that lists the top ten soundtracks for NES games, and I'm looking for some input. I've played a lot of games in my time, and I've written and studied a lot of music, but I know I haven't played everything, and I definitely haven't studied everything, so I'm turning to this community full of experts. I'd like to hear your top ten picks, or at least one or two, and some reasons why. For instance, "Hip" Tanaka's Metroid soundtrack was fantastic because of the immersive ambience he was able to create using minimalistic but developmental melodies and harmonies. Anyone that provides an original opinion backed up by bulletproof reasoning will be given credit on the page, including a link to the website of their choice (portfolio, personal website, profile page, etc). Thanks!
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