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  1. Yo. I'm new around here, so I don't really know how to get street cred, so to speak. But I have a tonload of awesome music out, and it's all free! (actually, name-your-price with no minimum). I finished my first album, and am working on my second. I also made the music for a little underground indie computer game called Agent Dominic & The Case Of Century and am currently working on music for another indie game, Blue Period. It's a pretty different style than most other stuff I've heard, but I usually just call it "electro-rock". If you're not one of the 2000 people that's visited my site before, I suggest starting with THIS song and then THIS song. But, anyway, it's pretty cool! And the whole first album, The Great Hyphen War, is totally free to download. Main link is: http://the-fourth-game.bandcamp.com/ What d'you think? Post comments plz, I'll read 'em all
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