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  1. Here's a fun fact. Trundle is the least changed champion in the game.


    He's only been changed in four patches, and three of those changes were bug fixes. I guess Riot sees him as pretty balanced, too. Pity I never see anyone playing him. He's a neat champ, I just don't like his style.

    Check Xerath, only changed in 2 patches and both were bug fixes anyway i hope Riot nerf his range

  2. People forget that the game isn't about kills. It's not about your ratio. It's not about how hard you ganked, or how bad your team is feeding. It is about destroying the opponent's nexus. It is possible to pull out games with a 15-20 kill lead, sometimes even worse. It's also possible for the kills to be even but the game to be completely one-sided since one team might be getting all the buffs, pushing towers, getting dragon/baron and farming way harder. Thus I am almost never in favor of surrender.

    Thats right 5 days ago win a game 19-38

  3. My 8 bit edits

    Dio Brando (Jojo Bizarre Adventure)


    Belenus (Valkyrie Profile)


    Stryker (Mortal Kombat)


    LT: Not really looking for Mega-Man'ed characters, going for mostly official kind of stuff.

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