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  1. Same here i just play 3vs3 using Singed (for the sake of trolling enemy teams), i see a lot of people complaining about EUW really compared to LAS EUW is the heaven
  2. this game needs to be funded
  3. Heroes Of Video Game Music
  4. Even at 15 years i almost needed to change my underwear everytime which Nemesis appear of nowhere in RE 3
  5. And i buy mi tickets for the Maiden/Slayer concert the same day... R.I.P. Jeff
  6. 1) Mudkip (Pokemon) 2) Arthur (Ghosts'n Goblins) 3) Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
  7. this game looks epic
  8. I wish i have money to throw at this games
  9. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Explorers of Time the end is just too sad
  10. Check Xerath, only changed in 2 patches and both were bug fixes anyway i hope Riot nerf his range
  11. I will buy Maokai, is better 9/21/0 for magpen or 0/21/9 for mov speed?
  12. Falconer, Blind Guardian, Sabaton, Power Quest & Stratovarius
  13. The bots on intermediate are a little hard if you dont know how to use your champ pick, i only use bots for training, test builds and the free champions Also any opinion about Viktor?