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  1. Hey Woffester....I have no idea what the hell that was, but regardless, I am flattered that you felt my remix would be fitting to suppliment the mood of your, "production". btw, you didn't have to cite me on that one, but thanks!
  2. Okay folks, thanks for the positive feedback. I am glad you enjoyed my remix...but the main reason i am posting on my own review forum is to squash any suspicions of AE and myself be a single entity. Not that it even matters, giving I am recreating someone else creation, and I view remixing as practice. I just dont want these suspicions to affect the quality of the reviews I get in the future, given, your reviews are a source from me to learn from. Anyway, sorry to interupt, you can all get back to reviewing my remix now....HAHA.... Its Digimatic....not DigimAEtic
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