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  1. First of all, thanks for your comment. To be honest I listened to some of the covers of this song on youtube, but they all sounded horrible due to the used soundfonts or whatever instruments. Since I worked in a studio I had all the equipment already to modernize it properly. That was the goal. I wasn't aware that such a site like this exists until I uploaded the video - someone suggested that I should check this out, I posted it, and since I saw that a lot of respected composers/remix artists come around here, I thought some opinions of fellow professionals would be nice. For me this kind of creation is for fun, and for fun only. I have no intentions to become a "remixer" whatsoever, neither to have this reviewed by the owners of this site (no disrespect), because I already make my musical journey under the name Minotaur Project, creating my originals - and I will keep composing that way. I don't have neither the urge, neither the time to remix songs - I'm not that kind of a musician. So this was a one-time thing, as far as I'm concerned. But since I'm a great fan of video games, especially older ones, I thought it would be a nice thing to cover this one - I was done with it in about 2 hours, while the other DAW counted/rendered the next Minotaur Project song. So, this was created to kill time and to keep up the (low) buzz around the Minotaur, until the next songs take shape. And so I happened to post it here as well, because those who like this kind of in-game music will more likely find my creation intereting here. It should be treated this way. This is why I think I wouldn't be able to add some parts to this song without removing the original feel, which was (in this case) the most important for me. As for the arrangement: I did change some (bass moves to different functions in the repetition - 6th and 7ths came up in the leads to make chords etc), but not much for sure. Repetitive, with high dynamics, with a sound of a blast, with better drums and a normal bass sound. It's more like a modernization, a cover, a good ringtone at best - not a remix for sure - created for those who liked the theme and would have liked the song more with real instruments in it. Thank you for the time you took by listening to it, and writing me a reply, I really appreciate it! Matt
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, just came by to post my lastest creation, and hear your opinion on it Here it is: Minotaur Project - Battle of the Holy (Castlevania Adventures) Cover I'm a professional musician btw, but that doesn't mean this one's that interesting here - I see that the expectations are high, so I hope you guys gonna like it. I used the freely-downloadable midi file as source, and played some real instruments over it. Not much, though. I played this game when I was a little kid, and I remember loving this tune very much - so the version represents what I heard hearing that 8-bit sound I'm really thrilled to read what you guys think about it Matt
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