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  1. Hey everyone! I'm Greg, a 21 year old English major that's currently attending Lebanon Valley College in PA (and I'm a senior... yikes!). Psyched to be here, and I'm really looking forward to talking to all of you, and maybe even contributing a remix or two!! Maybe even working together on some originals as well Anyway, I've been composing for about 3 months now, and I have a few half-baked ideas that haven't gone anywhere yet. I'd really like to get them done and better myself as a composer, but I always have trouble connecting ideas or progressing beyond one idea. Here's some of my favorite works (excuse the exceptionally bad mixes... I'm learning, I promise)- http://soundcloud.com/gmkenneltymusic/idea-7-revamp (excuse the god-awful quality of this one) http://soundcloud.com/gmkenneltymusic/theme-1-in-progress http://soundcloud.com/gmkenneltymusic/idea-8-the-waiting-theme http://soundcloud.com/gmkenneltymusic/idea-6-that-ship-has-sailed http://soundcloud.com/gmkenneltymusic/idea-5-see-description-for Looking forward to your criticisms! If anyone would like to work together also, I'd be absolutely thrilled! I love doing this kind of thing I only have GarageBand with a few of their own plug-ins right now, but I'm looking to eventually dual-boot my Mac and get FLStudio, since that quality would be exponentially better... and the VST's are endless. Cheers everyone!
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