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  1. Wow thanks guys! I wasn't planning to submit it, I just posted it here to see what people thought. I think you're right about the bass going sharp. It's probably because it was downtuned by a tone (to get that low D) and low tension strings seem to easily go sharp when struck before settling down and being in tune. The other possibility is that I was careless... >.>
  2. I'm new here, but this was actually done over a year ago by the band I'm in for a contest. http://soundcloud.com/harmonium-jones/wriggling-piece-of-plywood This is a sort of Klezmer-ated cover of the twinkly music that plays when the Blue Badger is on screen in Phoenix Wright. I can only really take credit for the poor engineering, I only played a couple of the instruments on this but I thought it might be of interest to some here. I like malevolent shambolic quality it has...
  3. Thanks for posting this, it helped solve a problem I was in the middle of! Really great frequency analyser.
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