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  1. You can't immagine how much I appreciate all of this feedback! I have taken all of your ideas into account and will reformulate my thesis (I was going to do that soon anyways, but now that I have a more guided and informed direction, it will be much easier). I was worried that I'd be laughed out of here with this idea, but it's nice to see that you've taken such a vested interest in helping me out.
  2. Hey OCRemix, I'm a sophomore in high school and I am conducting a year-long research paper. My teacher said, "make your topic about something that you're interested in." I love music, I love video games, and I love video game music. Not only that, I also thought that OCRemix would be a great place to conduct research / take a survey. I've been listening to the work on this site for about a year now and I respect every one of the artists here and I also value the opinions. My thesis thus far is this: The dynamic contrast and overall quality of music in video games has been a slow decline, since programmers have been able to feature better graphics, deeper plotlines, and more content than was possible on older consoles. I would really appreciate it if I could get some feedback on this topic. I already have someone helping me on writing help so I'm fine there. Do you agree with my thesis? Why or why not (if not, please tell me specific examples)? What are important games that I should talk about that aren't blatantly obvious (Zelda, Sonic, Mario, Kirby....)? Thank you, I really appreciate it Mathias