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  1. I'm still up for doing what I can. I'm just hoping that the little time I have doesn't slow us down. ^^;

    Also, if you don't mind, could you contact me at my e-mail (me.mark.two@gmail.com) from now on?

    It's just that time seems to be a blur to me nowadays and I keep forgetting to check back here. ^^;

  2. That is okay man. I finally heard back from one of my people and he has come up with some wicked cool ideas! Can I still count on you to lend your talents when needed?

  3. I can't say I would know what to do unfortunately.

    I have very little experience working in projects like this.

    Sorry. :/

  4. I'm trying to think of different ways to go about this project, any idea's?

  5. Hmm, it's hard to say how much I can contribute nowadays. I am far more efficient now and I am totally willing to do some more work, but I also have less time. :/

    I read the post you put up on the forums and it sounds like an interesting idea, but I have never done anything like it in the past, so I have no idea if it would work.

    I guess that depending on what you had in mind for me to do, I could tell you whether I think I can do it or not.

  6. Thanks for contacting me. If we are going to make this album happen, I'm going to need everyones help. Thinking about Swifthom's project made me think of some different ways to handle the songs. I'll post a message on the main tears of the moon post. Firstly I'd like to know your availability and how much you want to contribute. I could really use your talents to have a base for all the songs.

  7. Ah, sorry, I totally disappeared for a while.

    Hmm, the memories song hasn't changed since I showed it to you last (version 3.1 I think). However, I've learnt a ton about FL Studio since we last spoke and I could easily make changes on the song through that if there's anything you think needs to be done.

    Sorry again for disappearing for such a long time. If you still need my help on that thing you mentioned though, I might be able to help.

  8. Hello it's been a long time. I was wondering how that Memories song I had you work on was coming along? Contact me when you get this, I have something I'd like your help on.

  9. Until we get the official stamp from the higher ups here on OCR, we are going to hold all discussion of the project on our new forum here:


  10. Yup, I got it. :D

    I'm not sure I can do everything you asked, but I will do my best. :D

    I'll let you know if I have trouble with something.

  11. I sent you a private message a couple of days ago and was wondering if you got it.

  12. Ah HA! I knew you were part of that project too. :D

    Anyway, I'd love to do a cover for Saria's Song (a.k.a. "Lost Woods" and "Woods of Mystery"). It's quite the convenient coincidence that I was already working on a cover for this song for my own entertainment. ^^

    As you might be able to tell from the songs on my YouTube channel, I can go through a wide range of emotions in one song. So, if you could tell me what emotions you want the song to portray I could get to work right away. The more details you can give me as to what you think will work the better. :D

    Also, I noticed on the wiki page that you plan on using Saria's Song as Tatl's signature song. Would you like me to write a melody specifically for Tatl and then incorporate it into the song? I could write a melody specifically for Tael and put it in the song too.

    Let me know what you think. :D

  13. Well I can see you are quite the talented piano player. I could see you doing something with the Piano practice song from the Zora Domain, the Piano Solo from the Zora Domain, the scene when Tatl remembers the first time she and her brother Tael met the Skull Kid, or if you have something in mind let me know. If possible, I'd like to see a WIP by June 14th and don't forget to check out the Tears of the Moon wiki space:


  14. Yes, I am apart of the Breath of Wind project. I'm working of the Ending song.

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