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  1. Thanks, although I didn't understand everything, I don't know enough yet. I'm switching to TLs then. One problem I'm having though is that I cannot add it to an existing project for some reason. I go to the list of plugins and can't find it there. Can't find it on the "more..." list either... But when I load Neblix's template, it loads properly. I have no idea what's wrong...
  2. Thanks! That's probably worth adding to the guide btw. Man, you really know FL Studio well! I didn't think of setting the default note that way, that's much better than keyboard editor. I could use the piano roll, although it has two annoyances: - it's useful to be able to change volume/pan for each instrument in the kit - on piano roll there is no way of setting volume per pitch, unless I'm not aware of something; technically I could use velocity, but that would be per each individual note and if two instruments play on the same beat you can't change velocity separately for each - no note nam
  3. Once again thanks for a great guide Neblix! This works well for single instruments, since you'd normally use the piano roll for them anyway, but what to do with Kontakt drums? Step sequencer is more comfortable for drums, but with Kontakt's drum kits, to have one percussion instrument on each channel would require turning all drum channels into MIDI outs, routing all of them to one drum kit in Kontakt and setting a different note for each channel using the keyboard editor in step sequencer (which is much less convenient than just flipping the "switches"). Is that what you normally do for drums
  4. Neblix, thanks a lot for the template, it saved me a lot of work. I've been wondering, why do people prefer TLs Pocket Limiter over Fruity Limiter?
  5. All right, so Neblix helped me set it up, big thanks to him! I was just following instructions, but here's what we did: 1. In FL Studio add Kontakt channel (Channels->Add one->Kontakt). I you don't see Kontakt on the list, go to More... in the same menu on top of the list instead, find Kontakt on the list and check them out. You should be able to see it in the "Add one" list now. 2. Kontakt will open in a Fruity Wrapper window (may take some time before it opens). 3. Click on the small gear button at the top left of that window ("Wrapping settings"). It will switch to a settings view. In
  6. All right, pulling the trigger on Kontakt in a minute. If you haven't started writing the guide and don't feel like it, if you help me I can try writing it up myself for others afterwards
  7. Well, I wouldn't spend $400 on it (especially as I'm just a beginner), but $200 I can manage. I just wouldn't want to miss such a sale, since I'll have to buy some pack at some point within the next few months after I've learned enough. But on the other hand if I were to buy Kontakt for $200 and then regret that I didn't rather get Nexus (or something else) for $300 for example, that's something I wouldn't be happy about. Glad to hear you are recommending it. That's great to hear, I've graduated musical school and played in an orchestra, and being raised on FF music, an orchestral library is
  8. Hi everyone, This is my first post, but I've been lurking around for a few years now. I am just starting remixing and composing. I've read a lot, tested some DAWs, liked FL Studio best and bought the Fruity edition and now I'm learning and experimenting. I've been using instruments that came with FL Studio and have been planning on getting more later, once I outgrew them. But now NI is having this incredibly looking 50% sale and I would like to ask for your advice: I have no instruments and plugins, apart from what came with FL Studio. My understanding is, that if I buy Kontakt 5, I will get a
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