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  1. Well, this was just a test, no new melodies, or anything surprising. Just the same track with trance sound, heavy kicks and claps, and some reverb/delay on some "spacey" arpeggios I added. Did it a while ago but as I've got some new ideas for the remix, I started working on it again. Musha Aleste is a fantastic shmup, probably my favorite of all time and its soundtrack is just PHENOMENAL. Toshiaki Sakoda did an amazing work in this game. Hope you like this demo and... waiting for your replies and thoughts! Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, this is my first remix! I've composed a bunch of songs with FL Studio some time ago, but now I decided to give it a try remixing one of my favorites songs ever, the damn fine Streets Of Rage Intro Theme by master Yuzo Koshiro. What I've done here is kinda a double version of the SoRI and SoRII Intros, with some little additions, and of course with 100% new instruments. Anyways.. overall I tried not to change the structure of the original tracks that much, but still I think this remix has its own flavour. I worked a lot on the drums, snares, drumrolls, hats and everything related to percussion, beath and rhythm, which I think are the most notable aspects of the original songs (even though they are pretty simple 16-bits drumbeats) You can hear the final version of the remix here: - Sources: SoR I Intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hikFCwduCIQ SoR II Intro: Old demo I made some months ago: Thanks in advance, any type of comment will be incredibly helpful!
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