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  1. * Epo^Q3A np: chthonic - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Agahnim's Curse This song owns. sup thnocotic?
  2. I'd update the site if there was happening shit. I haven't received any PM's or mails stating "Hey, here is my song, please upload it." So there wasn't really anything to update. I don't have the time to visit here everyday to check if someone uploaded his doodle somewhere, so I can download, to upload it on the site no one ever visits - everyone already has it from the site it was originally uploaded.
  3. I expect your mix at 12 at my office stark. And no, not the Street Fighter mix.
  4. What happenening bitches? Where's your mix stark? SF2 project is done.
  5. Alright, I added Spc1st last addittion, grab it now : Here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5k9lg3 Or Here : http://thomas.balis.be/laproject/wips/anotherwip.ogg And, for those who haven't visited yet, the main site : http://thomas.balis.be/laproject Tell us what you think!
  6. He probably means DarkeSword. @Prophet: Track 18 (Hen House) was ditched, since SirRus pulled out of the project, and Starky felt it didn't really contribute to the project. So instead of letting someone else do it, he decided to delete it from the tracklist. But good thing noticing it: Track19 should be renamed to be track18. Ima do that now!
  7. Alright niggers, Joker sent me a WiP, and it sounded damn good I expect you all to do the same. If you already did that, could you please look for other people that haven't been posting here, telling them to do so? http://thomas.balis.be/laproject by the way. Comments, Suggestions, Problems?
  8. @ Hadyn: Ok man, no problem, good luck! @ Joker: Can you pass me that WIP so I can add it to the space? @ Sp1st: I can't say you're wrong about the lack of momentum, but we're trying to fix that right now. Let's just say everyone was VERY busy the last couple of months. I'm looking forward to your wip, could you send it to me as soon as you have it? Thanks! @ Prophet: Your final work doesn't need to be sent again Prophet, I still have it, and I'll upload it again. I'm looking forward to your second song, keep in touch!
  9. Ok, I'm getting the website back up. Here's what I want you all to do. Everyone (that is, all mixers) of you, you have 2 options: 1. You send me an e-mail (epo[at]chello.be) with your latest wip version attached, and you tell me how much percent you're done. After that, I'll upload it to the site so everyone can see it, hear it, and comment on it. 2. You reply in this thread, leaving behind a link to your latest version, stating how much percent done you consider it. After that, I'll upload it to the site so everyone can see it, hear it, and comment on it. Fairly simple, right? So, in short, I want to see mails/replies from these people: Sixto, chthonic, Fusion2004, GeoffreyTaucer, Iggy Koopa, KungFuChicken, Hadyn, Monobrow, Shinny Metal, The Joker, Chris McGee, The Prophet of Mephisto, Rexy, Dafydd, Rexy, GrayLightning, Spc1st, Aetherius, Ichitootah, SirRus. I don't know the latest drama, so if someone dropped out or got in, please let me know so I can adjust this list. The first one to reply gets a Hyrule present.
  10. Let me reshizz that website, I'll be working on it, keep my next posts close, for they will BEAR THE INFORMATION ON THE LAPROJECT WEBSITE. jo
  11. sup nigs =) been extremely busy, I even haven't got the time to finish this sente