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  1. I'd like to request that someone, doesn't matter to me, remix VT4's awesome New York, New York court theme! I cannot link via the Wii. But, you can YouTube it by searching "Virtua Tennis 4 Music Stage 2" (I believe it is stage BGM 2). I'm looking for a remix in whatever way you, the remixer, feels necessary!
  2. Hi. I wanted to introduce myself and ask where do you ask for a music request? I am dying to hear (from zykO/B1itz (I mentioned him on dA) especially) either of them, or any other, RMX (I put RMX short for remix, becuz, I'm lazy) VT4 (Virtua Tennis 4)'s New York court theme! But, knowing zykO, and his hate of newage vg's, I think I'll avoid asking like the plague... So, where do you ask for RMX's?