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  1. I get e-mail every once in a while asking for me to finish the other parts of the Dancing Mad sequence that I remixed several years ago.. truth is I did finish them a long time ago but they were rejected and I moved on to other things rather than try to fix them to get them accepted. You can find them hosted here if you're curious: http://www.long-form.com/waxingeloquent/
  2. I'm glad to see this finally posted! Mad props to Protricity for helping me get it recovered from the queue. To address your concern, DiscoDan, this wasn't ripped from MIDI: I just sat down and dissected the parts and decided how I was going to change them. A lot of the main themes I left pretty much alone, but I didn't really want to get too ambitious w/ my first track. I expect you will like the second one a lot more. =) Number 2 was submitted a few months ago as well, and 3 probably has a couple weeks on it in the queue already. If anyone wants to listen to them early they're at http://www.atlantisvalley.com/hosting/index.html All in all, I am very happy with them from a personal perspective, and I'm happy to see others enjoying them as well. All comments and suggestions are always very much appreciated! peace
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