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  1. Cool, yea now that I think about it it does sound a lot like Woodman. What do you think about the mix, no one else is even bothering to comment. Is it that bad?
  2. Hey guys, I sat down to my parents piano a long time ago and I figured out one of the Mega Man themes and every time I touch the keys now it comes up. I recently started working in FL studio and plugged in the tune that I played and started to tweak it and came up with this http://tindeck.com/listen/nbtk It's just the raw mix and some effects at this point. All the sounds are from scratch and the drums are originally written. Not sure which MM title it is actually from, if anyone can identify it I would really appreciate it. Anyway, hope you guys think it sounds cool, and let me know where it stands as a remix. Thanks!
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