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    A man with many hats, but not enough closets to hang in lol. I'm a geologist, husband, gamer, video game music composer, video game music enthusiast, radio DJ...

    Looking to explore new things in video game music as well as promote it outside the gamer community.

    I'm starting a internet radio station that will play liscenced video game music, as well I'm currently looking to gather support with other video game music composers to promote their work on my website (hope to have a early 2012 launch) as well through weekly showcases.

    I'm also looking to find more people that may not feel they have the talent to make music but want to give DJ'ing a try for the radio!
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  1. Another blitzkreig of awesomeness! Just had to post! Featuring OCREMIXER METEO XAVIER! We got unreleased tracks from Mass Effect by BigGiantCircles, Sam Hulick and a killer Mass Effect inspired track titled "Cause & Effect" by Adam Gubman and Traci Hines! The Soundtrack to FEZ by DisasterPeace and Remixes by Decktonic! The Turrican Soundtrack supporting Chris Huselbeck's Kickstarter! Video Games Live! By Tommy Tallirico (Given the A-OK by the man himself) AND SO MUCH MORE! CLICK THE LINK! http://alphaomegaradio.com/weekly-update/this-is-huge-edition-april-22nd-to-may-1st-ao-radio-weekly-update/ We have 3 copies of Legacy by Big Giant Circles to give away, so if we get 100 real followers you have a chance to win! Seeing how we've almost reached the goal so fast, We might be uping the ante and include more prizes! (@wearealphaomega) As always, always looking for help and feedback! Thanks for reading!
  2. Darn opposite coast line lol. Ever thought of trying to stream your concerts live?
  3. Hey just bumping this. Some new updates to the radio Check out our featured composer Shannon Mason at 4-5 PST! We are always looking to feature composers just trying to get heard (for now only looking for original works). Also gaining interest with composers within the industry and getting the proper liscencing agreements to play their tunes! I'm looking for people that are interested in DJ'ing, or if you have a podcast and want it promote it send me a message, I'd love to talk more and work something out. If you got an opinion on who we are, what we are doing, send it my way, always wanting to hear feedback!!! Got any album recommendations? Artists we should check out? Message me! Anyways thanks for reading
  4. Oh man I wish I checked OCR while i was down there! Would have liked to have run into people... I found I spent more time networking at the bars with industry rather then the expo floor lmafo.
  5. Happy birthday man! (Hope you got my PM lol)
  6. Call me a newb but what do you mean by "realistic" piano pieces? Like are you talking about real Piano arrangements? not synthesized or computer generated?
  7. http://www.nubuwo.com has started up a kickstarter page over the past week trying to raise $12000 to operate and build their english and japaense video game music news website. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jeriaska/nubuwo-debut-bundle-adventures-in-videogame-audio?ref=card Definetly check out the pledge tiers, a lot of really good indie game albums up for grabs at fair pledge prices Source: @Nobuooo (Twitter) *Sorry should be Nubuwo*
  8. Just another 8bit party I found from VGAudio on twitter. http://www.facebook.com/events/349686438394918/
  9. Lol yeh should have elaborated on the career thing. I went to university to get a more promising career and figured down the road I'll be able to do what I want. So here I am lol. Well I know at GDC it's crazy, they have booths with HR people setup and really really long lines of people just having their work looked at. So to say people begging for work, dunno if this makes sense but they kind of facilitate people looking for work. I know the career pavellion is like 1/3 of the floor, it's huge! But I do agree with you, you only get one shot at a first impression and shoving a resume in someones face isn't the best approach lol.
  10. Pssst party downtown http://www.dnalounge.com/calendar/2012/03-06.html Lol I'm going to spam this for people in SF.
  11. Same here. lol But that being said and seeing there are a fair number of people going...I don't see why there can't be some sort of meetup? I posted a GDC Indie party going on at http://www.dnalounge.com/calendar/2012/03-06.html Seriously people, maybe meet up a bit before hand just to say hey and introduce? Cause with the amount of people there I doubt I'll see any of you lol
  12. For a dude that is so cynical....your music is amazing! (I just checked it out ) PM sent!
  13. Yeh my wife is trying to find work there... Last year the line ups were ridiculous just to talk to some kind of HR person. Even then the competion is pretty stiff, you gotta be good that's for sure! But that being said I wouldn't totally disregard it, as you never know who you might run into and make some helpful connections. I'll never forget meeting Michael McCann outside the bar....now that was freaking cool.
  14. Yeh after re-reading the description it definetly looks pretty sweet, although I'll admint I'm a bit n00b on the subject right now. However I will be getting fully back into composing right after GDC. By next year it will be totally worth it! If you see a guy with a alphaomegaradio.com name tag don't be shy to say hey! lol
  15. Have you gotten the audio pass before? I was debating to get it, but figured I'd wait till next year. Is it worth it?
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