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  1. Thanks for the input and words of encouragement guys. I know the drums were awful, but I just wanted to have something in there to see how it sounds. I have reworked the drum tracks and they sound better. I am using EZDrummer with Superior Drummer for tweaking and EQing. My buddy finally recorded the piano part for the outro and we will be laying down vocal tracks sometime over the weekend I hope. It's been heavily mixed and I think I got it to a point where I am happy with it. I am still finding ways to keep it from being repetitive. Perhaps that's where the vocals will come into play. Thanks again guys. Your input has been invaluable. I can't wait to let you all hear the final version! And elementc, we'll do a revised version with no vocals for ya!
  2. Hey guys. I've been working on The Dragonborn Comes from Skyrim. I wrote the music to the melody of the lyrics. I'm going for a folk metal type of song. This is still pretty rough and I want to see if anyone can suggest any improvements. My friend Sheila will be singing the vocals soon. I also want to add some improvised piano near the end with the finger picked guitar that fades out.
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