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  1. We can only hope =/ Some sort of electronica remix of Daley station would be sweet to hear. Sooner or later someone'll be interested and start kicking the idea around to touch on Shadowrun. I suppose all we can do is try to stand out and perhaps something'll give! I'm optimistic
  2. Zophar's is pretty good for spcs http://www.zophar.net/zsnes/spc/shadorun.rar EDIT: Wish i had midis or new where some were =/
  3. Ive been posting a request for a Daley Station remix every year since i registered, still hasnt caught on yet. Here's hoping though eh?
  4. Just a stab in the dark, This obscure title featured some pretty 'heavy' battle music with the Genesis digging out its double bass pedal and working that drum as only it knows how. Precussion-wise the original bgms sound great but the lead and bass 'guitars' dont fit too well with it (but bravo Genesis for trying!). It'd be neat to hear any one of the battle themes remixed and updated to rock as hard as it was intended. They're all generally simplistic and open for creativity and improvisation (or possibly solos). Some sound more promising to the ear than others but any one of them would give something to work with. Here's a link to a GYM rar bundle: http://www.zophar.net/gym/d&dwos.rar If you are interested and dont have a suitable plugin or player for GYM's then PM me with some sort of contact information and i can send you converted wav files of the battle themes so you can listen and see what you think. Thanks for your time, Keep Mixin'
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