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  1. https://soundcloud.com/rastsekyd/despondency Been an off and on few years, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of composing again. This isn't a new piece, it's just a re-envisioned version of one of my much older(around 6 years) pieces, which never quite escaped it's MIDI format. Not until now, at least. There's still room for improvement, but I feel it's coming along well.
  2. Yeah, that's probably my least favorite section. I've had a bit of trouble with it, but I'm trying to smooth the transition a bit, and give it a little bit of a melody.
  3. I used to do mixes and arrangements and such, long ago. They were pretty bad ones, granted, both due to lack of skills and poor production. I composed them in Noteworthy Composer, and then used Synthfont to convert them to MP3. Needless to say, that didn't result in the best quality. Now that I've gotten my hands on a copy of both Reason and FL Studio, I figure it's time I started up again, and hopefully with better results. So I've undertaken this little project, what essentially boils down to a Legend of Dragoon concept album(for lack of a better term). The first track, titled "My Village In Ruins", is an arrangement of the intro song(played during the opening cutscene) and Dart's theme. It's "done", but I still consider it a WIP, as I'm actively making changes to it. So here it is: Streaming(bb.ohsk.net) I plan to eventually do a full arrangement, based on the game. The next track(a heavy WIP, still being planned) is planned to use themes from Helena Prison, Battle, Boss and Shana's Theme.
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