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  1. Thanks for the response Yeah, there was a lot of crackle, but that was due to peaking caused by me raising the volume of the drum track above 0.00. I was using EZ drummer, and it's rather quiet, so I upped the volume of the drum track so it would be more audible and back up the heavy guitar and bass parts, but once in a while you can hear some crackling because of it. Though I think I've solved this problem with Drumkit From hell, which is much louder than EZ Drummer by default. And Maverick Rising? What's that? I'd love to join
  2. Hey guys, how goes it? I'm a new guy here, I've always been a fan of remixes, but I never really started doing it myself until a couple years back, but even then I never had the proper tools to really make solid-sounding, complex remixes like I wanted to. Willrock, a prominent remixer here, helped me along, but only recently have I been able to get knee-deep in remixing. So after some hunting around, I was able to obtain Guitar Rig (free AND legally ), EZ Drummer and the expansion, Drumkit from Hell, and the rest is history. This song is a medley I made using a mixture of the opening level themes from Mega Man X2, X3, and X4, as well as Zero's theme from X2, mixed in with a certain song from Guitar Hero 3: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/462392 I'd love to get feedback for it, and take ANY and ALL constructive criticism you guys might have so my future remixes can continue to improve. Also, a little off the topic, I really wanna try and add synths and other songs that can be generated from a keyboard (trumpets, or violins, etc), but I dunno where to start :/ I use Reaper, if that helps.. I think it would add another layer to my sound. if any of you guys know good software that could help me get this sound, and how I can use it in conjunction with Reaper, that'd be a big help! So anyhow, hope you guys dig it