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  1. Like some people still believe that Capcom will someday release more Mega Man X games. The cake is a lie sheeple
  2. Mega Man X: Corrupted - game take place on a split timeline after X5. http://youtu.be/Ly7VPgzbS0A FEATURES - Play as X and Zero, each one with a different intro and opening stage; - Open world with non-linear gameplay and multiple paths; - Story based on cannon events from X1-X5; - Decisions you make can change the story and lead to different endings; - 8 new mavericks; - New enemies and improved AI for older ones; - New weapons and skills; - New armors for X and Zero; - Combine X armor parts to gain special abilities; - 5 levels of difficulty; - Level up to gain Skill Points to upgrade weapon
  3. ಠ_ಠ That will not be happening. If it does might as well remix every single OST...
  4. I've been tracking this for a while, maybe not as long as some of you on this thread but when is it coming out?! I'm growing impatient.
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