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  1. You may have production standards, but I still think to some degree, this could help a bit. I don't. That's why I give the music a good listen to go along with the numbers being presented in front of me. And while I can appreciate a well-done loud master if done right, I often appreciate a quieter, more dynamic master a LOT more.
  2. With all this talk about the loudness war, don't you think there should be a few standards applied to this very site in terms of minimum amount of dynamics to be considered acceptable? Using something like to provide some measurement. I mean, I ran into more than a few songs on various OCReMix albums that had terrible dynamics, such as No Such Thing As the Promised Land from Voices in the Lifestream and Weeping Willow from Unsung Heroes.
  3. I'd like to revive this thread by saying that I too do not think louder and more compressed is better, especially if it results in audible clipping and ear fatigue. Hell, there's even a few songs here in this very site that has more than a little too much clipping and compression, to go along with the songs that sound fine and the few that sound amazing. I kinda hope the trend's somewhat reversing...there's this site called that has some albums that sounded like crap on CD suddenly having a lot of dynamics on hi-res FLAC (ex: Megadeth's Th1rt33n, Dream Theater's A Dramatic Turn of Events, Skillet's Awake). At least I hope so.