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    MangaMan here to offer up my singing talents to any interested parties. Always been a fan of OC-Remixed and want to be a part of it, even if I don't know how to play an instrument. I'm a tenor but my range extends to baritone and bass as well. I've been singing all my life, can adapt to any style of singing (except rap), and I'm also adapt at lyric writing.
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    Dan Wanezek
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    3. Very Interested
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    Vocals: Male
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    Actor, character voices, good energy

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  1. Hey MangaMan, I am wondering if you would be interested in having me on board for the Tears of the Moon project as a lyricist/vocalist. Even a co-director if you need help with that. I am new - like, really new - to the forums but I have been a dedicated OCRemix listener for over a year. I think I can tell good music from bad. I also enjoy organizing things, if that makes any difference to you, haha. Anyway, just a heads-up. Happy to help!

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