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    Currently attending school at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. Hoping to go into NGO management or other international work. I love reading, writing, hiking, ultimate frisbee, sports in general, and - OCRemix! Beyond remixes, I really enjoy most kinds of music, though classical, soundtracks, world, classic rock, and alternative stand out as some favorite genres. OCRemix is one of my favorite websites - favorite remixers include the Insert Rupee combo, djpretzel, Level 99, Nutritious, Vurez, and Zircon. Favorite remix is "Dialima tu Kafe" by Diggi Dis and Zeratul. Can't wait to be a part of the site!
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  1. Bumped OCR00920 - The Legend of Kyrandia "Kyrandia Medley" DUDE, that song THRASHED MY MIND. Definitely recommended!
  2. I don't know who these Kyrandians are, but THEY CAN PLAY SOME SWEET LICKS. Anyway, there's a lot to love about this mix, even nine years later. The sound quality and some of the samples show their age, but the fundamental power and sheer fun of the arrangement shine through the wrinkles even so. The guitars are the heart of this mix and they beat fast and furiously. I really like what the Remixers did to showcase the guitars, without making the arrangement completely over the top. I'm not too sure if I dig the badly tuned piano that comes in at 1'14, but it DOES keep the Remix tethered (however tenuously) to its medieval roots. The medley change at 2'38 mostly avoids medley-itis and introduces a slightly more contemplative (if I can use that word in connection with raging guitars) side to the ReMix. The piano at 3'49 amplifies this introspective idea for the listener. The weakest part is probably the ending, where the twin guitars, though fearsome to be-hear, sound slightly disjointed. As a historical sidenote, I think the writeup for this song demonstrates djpretzel's transition during 2003 from an enthusiastic fan to a professional remixer and webmaster. 2003-2004 seems to be the time where OCR took shape into the powerful force for popularizing video game music that it is today, and this remix seems to be a part of that. The song is higher-quality, the Remixers seem more serious about their work, and the remix epitomizes part of OCR's mission: to recognize lesser-known but worthy games for their artistic contributions. This is definitely one for the download column . . . and the Burnout: Paradise playlist. Recommended.
  3. Hylian Dan, I love the experiment. I think it's awesome to mix new tunes together and see what comes out. Maybe remixing is like cooking . . . dang, that's kinda deep. That said, this remix doesn't seem to blend real well. I agree with what crypto_magnum said - it seems like you're trying to throw the original melodies together and see what happens. Hence, the mix gives off an unfinished aura. The two melodies sound a little jarring when played simultaneously. BUT, the beauty of remixing is that you can keep working and trying and experimenting. I think this is a great idea that just needs some more time. And please, don't stop exploring crazy notions and interesting brainwaves. Perseverance (and a little craziness) makes the remixing world go round!
  4. Hey everybody, I am just wondering if anybody would be interested in taking on an idea for a song that I had a few days ago. I think it would be really interesting to have an OoT Temple of Time/Fable: the Lost Chapters Temple of Light remix. I imagine the genre could be "forest orchestral," if that makes any sense. Maybe some nature sounds. One idea I had was that the Temple of Light B melody, played by flute and maybe other woodwinds, would work behind the Temple of Time A melody, which would be played by violin or cello. There could even be some other Zelda stuff, and the Temple of Light melody could come in sometimes, too. I like the idea of a "Yo-Yo Ma/Lindsey Stirling" duet, but if anybody wants to take this idea on, I'm sure there would be many different ways to take this remix. (Temple of Time)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoqC8wddrEM (Temple of Light) A big THANK YOU to whoever does this! I feel like this is a good idea that could provide some interesting musical challenges!
  5. MangaMan - sorry, I have been super-busy with my study abroad here in China! Many apologies. I do have a Skype - however, e-mail might be more convenient for me. Would that be possible to work with that or do we need to use Skype? Again, sorry for the long wait. I apologize!

  6. I would be honored to have you aboard Angle. Do you have a skype account?

  7. Nostalvania, This is really awesome, I gotta tell you. I get a Jim Brickman vibe from your song, which is a really good thing - I think it's the chord change. I actually really like the ending - in my opinion, it just needs to be a bit less abrupt, with a bit more closure to the entire song. That would make it a little more emotionally satisfying for me. Otherwise, it seems like you're saying, "I've played my song, and I'm done." However, I think you've done a good job of expanding on the very small source material you have to work with. I would even suggest a little more variation on the theme - stay with the melody, but play with it more. Maybe an extra minute on the song would do it some good. All in all, this is a great start and I hope you keep working on this and improving it!
  8. Patrick, First of all, Patrick, I just gotta say, I enjoyed "Rare Respite" from "Serious Monkey Business" a lot. I thought that was a really interesting and fun take on the source. Anyway, full disclosure: I am in China right now and don't have a good VPN yet, so I can't get on YouTube to listen to the original song. BUT, I really like Chai Kingdom anyway. This is a really chill, relaxing song that made me smile when it got moving. The good: I really, REALLY like solo acoustic guitar. The intro is bluesy, and projects an image of a sleepy Western town that got left behind by the march of progress. When the song starts moving faster about a third of the way through, it feels like the last train pulling out of the station. I really like music that transports me to another place, and I feel like I'm somewhere else when I listen to this song. Big plus. Also, I like the Oriental motifs towards the end of "Chai Kingdom," and not just because I'm in China right now. By the end of the song, I feel like I've gone from my Western town to the kingdom you're describing with your music. It's a cool feeling. The bad: The performance seems to lack energy. It does have a "check-this-off-my-list" vibe. Perhaps if the tempo change were increased, it would contribute more to the sense of going from the sleepy town to the mystical kingdom - at the end, I feel like I have gone to a sleepy kingdom. However, I think this song has a lot of great ideas - and like I said, that feeling of being transported to a different place is really, really fun. I think this should be submitted. I think we need more solo guitar on OCRemix and this is a great piece to do it with. Would you mind if I downloaded your WIP file? I definitely enjoy it that much.
  9. Rozovian - I sent you a PM with my e-mail. I should probably also mention that I am a guy. So if you want a girl, I'll have to take my name out of consideration! Otherwise, I'm happy to help. Sounds like this will be a fun project.
  10. Rozovian - I have choir experience but not much soloing. I'd also be fine trying to write some lyrics for your song, if you need help writing them - perhaps you are looking with someone with more experience, but I'd be really excited to work with you on it and put the time in to make it good.
  11. Hey MangaMan, I am wondering if you would be interested in having me on board for the Tears of the Moon project as a lyricist/vocalist. Even a co-director if you need help with that. I am new - like, really new - to the forums but I have been a dedicated OCRemix listener for over a year. I think I can tell good music from bad. I also enjoy organizing things, if that makes any difference to you, haha. Anyway, just a heads-up. Happy to help!

  12. This is an amazing song by Matthias and it delivers a really original twist on the iconic Mario theme. The groovy synths around 1'28 always make me smile. This mix has a lot of attitude - almost like Mario and Luigi are driving around on a gigantic cloud of bubbles, gang-wielding Cougar Magnums. WHAT. You can take that how you want. The only problem I have with this song is that the synthesizers can get a little bit grating on the ears at times - but, then, that's also what makes this mix really unique. Maybe it couldn't have been done any other way! Regardless, this is a great song. Recommended.
  13. What is it about this mix that makes the ol' spidey-sense tingle? Is it the hilariously outlandish trombone? Or the groovin' chiptune solo, which is probably my favorite of all time? Or just the fact that this is one of the jazziest remixes on the website? Probably all of the above. This is definitely one of my favorites.
  14. Hey all, my name is One-Winged Angle. Probably like a lot of you, I have been lurking here for a while. I've downloaded Remixes for about a year and a half, but only recently have come to the conclusion that I would like to get more involved with one of my favorite websites than just passively taking! Hopefully there are some ways I can give back to OCR, because I listen to OCR remixes a lot It's my "homework music." At some point in the near future, I'd also like to get into remixing, but I really don't have any kind of musical background other than choir - I can barely read music. So, that looks to be a ways off. But maybe someday I'll be good enough to submit some stuff to OCR. In the meantime, however, I can definitely tell people when I think their stuff is good! Can't wait to meet everybody and get to know all of you!
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