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  1. Yea i'm trying to knock out 50 a week and Ann arrangement album every week but it's a lot of work and I dl everything. The Pokemon album was ann eyeopener in quality for me. At one point in 07 I listened to everything at that point but im redoing everything again. Amievil was a beast back in the day too. Also ffmusicdj I hope he makes later stuff as well. im impressed at the range of styles and all that a well and I recently learned of the purged remixes so I have to track those down at some point
  2. Oh cool to see what others have listened to. I like the progression of the write UPS for each remix as well, the first few are very quirky abd light on song specifics and the later ones are full blown critiques. Some other notes are the prolific outputs of mcvaffe in the early days and children of the monkey machine. I was just setting if anyone who listened to a lot of the remixes or albums noticed any cool trrnds like these. Another thing is the amount of chrono cross mixes in the early days.
  3. Watt up y'all i'm trying to go through ever remix and album on this site and rate then from 1-5 stars and i'm going chronologically. Right now i'm at remix 780, which puts me at the start of 2003. I realized this could take awhile but it's cool going forward through time the quality vs simplicity of earlier tracks is astonishing compared to stuff now. If anyone else has how long diff it take you and what at pivotal remixes for you?
  4. lol i know its not that but legit does anyone here use a turntable and if so what kind of sounds can you get out of it? I am into turntablism but I dont know anything about the equipment so any help would be coool
  5. thanks for the advice guys i tried dblue glitch but that was too much trouble but i will try live cut i just cant dblue glitxyh to do effects on the start of measures
  6. Yea I have heard those remixes and the Mario one is one if my favorites on the site. I know this is a shot in the dark but I figured some people here would know artists who dabble in this.stuff. Keep the suggestions coming!!!!!!
  7. hey guys i was wondering if anyone on this site has some good sources for remixes that really take a source and chop the vocals up or just skip and glitch a song. for reference, i am looking for things like some of the random elements dj sharpnel does or what girl talk did on unstoppable. also, if anyone has heard of ludachrist they did a lot of this stuff on their first mix called bangfest. a good example of what i am looking for is here: any help would be appreciated as I am obsessed with these remixes. thanksknsknksn
  8. lol skrypnyk you would know your mallow remix is sooooo good i love that did you use a real turntable for those effects like on the drums at the beginning or what heres a remix i did of some old ass 80s song out of touch but i want to know if i can get the drops and stuff to sound droppier by hand its hard tol explain but i did everything by hand like all the skips i did and i am trying to see if theres a fatser way to do it or something like that http://soundcloud.com/fresherflyyerdoper/out-of-touch i also know i am not a "real" musician but im trying to put this sound on as many songs as I can and any help on effects would be appreciated thankkkkks guys
  9. i live in attleboro which is southern ma anyone live around here and actually want to organize meetups or know of events in the area that we could meet up at
  10. i do this by hand i was just seeing if there was a better way for effects in acid pro anyone got any tips for reproducing any of that stuff by hand
  11. so ive been trying to make glitchy and skippy remixes for some time now but its very painstaking. i heard this song from one of my fav artists but does any one know how he gets some of the effects in as what equipment hes using? is it a turntable or something cause i cannnnnot figure this shit out thanks
  12. Hey guys, I'm looking for electronic and dance music artists that I haven't heard of. I enjoy artists like aphex twin, flashbulb, daft pink, venetian snares, justice, mainly idm stuff or heavy electronic dance. Ignoring dubstep because its easy to find any dubstep, do you guys know any similar good artists?
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