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    Ace Combat: (many)

    I couldn't agree more. I chose the selections I did to showcase the variety of the AC soundtrack to hopefully reach a broader base of remix artists. I thought it would come off as demanding if I just dumped tons of songs. As for the newest, Assault Horizon probably has the best soundtrack of an AC game to date, but since this community focuses or retro-games, I thought it would be too new. My favorite tracks from it are (Keiki Kobayashi) and (Kobayashi). That guy really is a great composer. Nice, good to see that it passed, and I took a listen to some of your remixes via your signature, I heard some definite improvement over the years Nice! Thanks, I'll take a listen.
  2. Kestril

    Ace Combat: (many)

    Hullo. I don't know what the outlook is for newbies coming to the form, asking making a request, and then going back to lurking forever, but I hope I'm not greeted with too much hostility. Nevertheless, I'm really blown away by the artists that remix at this site, you guys really have talent here, so awesome! Kudos all around. With all of the talent and variety of remix floating around here (never thought I'd listen to top gear from the NES again), I'm a bit surprised that I wasn't able to find any remixes from any of the Ace Combat games, so I thought I'd request some. Here are a few tracks I'd love to see a remix of, now I pick them not only because I like them, but because they also show off the variety of music found in the series as a whole. I'll give a breif description so you know what you're clicking on and may not have to sort through all five. (click on the ones that interest you! Invincible fleet, has some cool oonts, ominous theme. Lit fuse. Orchestral with some horns Takes a while to get there, but good release at the end. Commona. Arcade like theme with a "radical" electric guitar. Thank you for taking a look, and don't be afraid to browse through the full soundtracks. if those five don't do it for you, and you're looking for something in particular to satisfy some major artistic desire, feel free to ask and I can point you to a song in the (very expansive) ace combat ost that may get the job done. Again, thanks for reading! I'll probably go back to lurking now.